May 2017 Zornfast 18-21

(Patty W) #21

Gosh darn it, I’m in!! Finally a time with no conflicting social events or lab work to get in my way…yes!

Ps. I loved that Siri recognized the words Zorn fast without any difficulty…it is scheduled😀

(Cathie Condon) #22

I’m in :+1:t3:


This. I’m definitely recovering much faster than normal, so I’m thankful for that.

(KCKO, KCFO) #24

And Siri is usually so stupid. :laughing:

(MakinBacon) #25

I am in as well. I had a great time last time, so might as well make this a regular thing! :sunglasses:

(Sascha Heid) #26

I will fast for 2 weeks starting this evening, together with a friend suffering from cancer.
Btw. there is a new fasting tracker for android, it’s called “Fastrac”, 2 bucks though.

(Lee) #27

Woohoo my first Zorn fast, I do IF on a weekly basis so looking forward to doing a few days of fasting, I might go for more if I’m feeling good about it :slight_smile:

(Becky) #28

I am in! I’ve been stalled for months. I suspect dairy, diet colas and ‘grazing’ cold cuts and the like. I am starting to hear the “@&$/ it’s” and whispers romanticizing (sp) carbs. It’s nuts how the food addict in me is so quick to “offer advice that will kill me!”, like “hey, do some carb loading!”

Instead, I am choosing to focus on the wins! My noon blood glucose reading has been 75 all week! When I donated blood today, they were surprised at my blood pressure, 115/78, pulse 66 bpm, iron 46, and I still have another 100 lbs to lose. I am so amazed at how even without exercise, my body is healing and becoming stronger with Keto.

I am going to look at some fasting apps and the support of the group to clean up my food.


I’d be really interested in hearing about any fasting apps you find. I am using one but it’s pretty lame. I don’t really need one, fasting is not that complicated. But I am partial to an app. It counts hours better than I do. :smile:

(IDM Educator) #30

Wow. This is the most participation in a Zornfast since the forum opened. Much excite guys! I’m starting early (tonight) after stuffing my piehole with fathead. Lol


I might join you! I need a bit of a reset.

(James storie) #32

I’m starting early for reasons stated earlier (pig pickin this weekend), I will begin some time Tuesday evening and run into Saturday morning or afternoon!

(IDM Educator) #33

I started early too @jamestorie.
Last night at midnight.
8.5 hours fasted ftw!! Lol

(Roxanne) #34

Yes! Although not ready to commit to a 3-day fast yet, and especially not this holiday weekend (in Canada). but will try to do 2 24-hour fasts this week.

(IDM Educator) #35

Any fasting is good. I wanted to let you know that the 24 hour mark is the most difficult. Once you get past it, most find the next few days fairly easy. Hunger disappears and it becomes solely a mind game.
Also imortant: Autophagy peaks on day 3. I encourage you to get past that 24 hour mark sometime soon, so you can experience the ease and euphoria on the other side!

(Tom Seest) #36

I’d like to participate, but I may not be eating during that period of time…:joy:

(What The Fast?!) #37

Sounds like the “runners high,” but minus all that awful running business.

(Roxanne) #38

I’ve done a couple 36’s and one 48, and I was so pleased. But I’m tied to my desk/computer this week so it’s not a good time as I find I need to keep actively busy. Got some great decluttering done the last time!

(Griffin Mekelburg) #39

WOO! I am in on this one! I have done intermittent fasting for a bit, but I really want to try an EF!! This may be just the time to start. May only last a couple days but what the hay its all in the effort!


Ha! Talk about the perfect quote!