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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Mary, talks about her passion and career as a diabetes medical alert dog trainer and her incredible journey from being almost housebound and crippled with pain to being full of energy and life.

Mary McNeight is one of the top medical alert service dog trainers in the US. She has helped to train over 150 medical alert dogs for diabetes, seizures, migraines, POTS, and AFib with people from all over the world through online and in person classes. Mary has won multiple national awards for her training, spoken at dog training conferences on the topic of service dog training, been an expert witness for court cases involving service dogs, been featured on TV, radio and all over the internet. Mary is a teacher, an author and a disability rights advocate, has a Canine Studies Certificate and has attended over 20 educational conferences on the science of dog training. She started her service dog training program in 2008 because she needed a service dog and could find no one to help her train her own dog.

Mary was originally diagnosed with depression and social anxiety, but after learning how to train medical alert dogs for diabetes using her own dog, she found out that her zombie panic anxiety attacks were actually severe hypoglycemia episodes when her dog started spontaneously alerting her 10 minutes before her blood sugar went low. Eventually, like her father, and grandparents on both sides of her family, she became a type 2 diabetic. Mary started Keto in October of 2017 and has lost 40 lbs, reduced neuropathy, migraines, eczema, high blood pressure and her endometriosis symptoms, stabilized her severe blood sugar swings and her A1C has gone from 6.7 to 5.1.

The book Mary mentioned was by Don Colbert MD - Dr Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet.

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Service dog training program information can be found at

and Mary’s Medical Alert Dog Monday video series can be found here.

Want advice on how not to get scammed by a puppy breeder?

Watch this video.

Mary recreates that famous scene in When Harry met Sally to illustrate how to get your dogs used to the loud, obnoxious and unpredictable public yelling and screaming that can happen in this video.

Mary McNeight, CCS, BGS

Director of Training and Behavior

Service Dog Academy -

Diabetic Alert Dog University -

Featured Speaker at Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference 2013

Winner of Dr. Robert Curran New Trix Award 2012

Winner of PAWS Hero Pet 2012

Winner of APDT Train Your Dog Month 2011

This week’s end quotes…

Robert Wagner

“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

Franklin P Jones

“Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.”

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Follow up: And Mary went off her diet when her mom moved into her home in August of 2018 and she lost two puppy pregnancies and two board and trains which accounted for over a $35,000 loss in income in a matter of months. Her mom leaving sugary cakes, cookies and candies around the house caused her to succumb to the numbing agents of sugar again after the devastating losses and she ended up regaining 20 lbs of the 50 she lost and 9 migraines in 1.5 months. She’s back on the wagon after getting real with her mom and forcing her to keep her sugary food out of the sight of a sugar addict and has been migraine free since and has lost 10 lbs of the weight she regained. Keto is the only thing that has worked for her. :wink:

Yes, I’m talking about myself in 3rd person.


I am so sorry to hear that Mary. I am pleased you are back on track and hopefully learned a valuable lesson going forward with how you need to stand your ground, especially in your own home. Good for you for pulling things back when it must have been so very hard. Losing the puppies - oh my. I am so very sorry :sob: Much love to you xxx

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Sadly when I said I was a sugar addict in my interview I wasn’t kidding. My weakness is cakes, exactly what my mom was buying and leaving around in front of me. I probably could have resisted it if I hadn’t had two litters that I needed to start my puppy program just disappear. They ended up being false pregnancies. So both dogs looked and acted pregnant for almost 2 months but had no babies inside them. It sent me into a deep depression. Plus with the stress of losing the puppies and board and trains I ended up in the ER and hospital with stroke level blood pressure. It was just too much stress to resist my drug of choice when it was placed all around my home.


and the worst possible time to fall under its spell again.

I am sorry you had to go through all that. Courage as the French say (so you have to say it with a French accent :smiley: )


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Im noticing that my second time around Im able to eat higher amounts of carbs without being kicked out of ketosis but the weight isnt coming off as fast. I wonder if its because I was still eating as low carb as I could during those stressful months but would get kicked out of ketosis by a cake or a candy every couple of days. Its been over a month without being out of ketosis and not a single migraine.