Marijuana on keto

(Anita) #1

What is your opinions of weed while on keto? Edible and non edibles.

(Scott) #2

I think since it is a plant it would go against my new carnivore WOE. LOL. I am just too old to dabble in that and in my state it is still illegal. To answer your question I don’t think it will affect keto one way or the other assuming the “munchies” don’t lead you to carbs.


Prob not good, too many episodes of the munchies for most people. BUT once in a while for fun? Prob fine. Weed never did a whole lot for me, but I use CBD for the benefits, and I can have a little drinky drink when needed :grinning:

(Susan) #4

The edibles are going to be higher in carbs --so better non edibles if you are using it I think. It is known to make people hungry though (the munchies) so that might be an issue! It is legal here in Canada where I live, so many friends and relatives partake of it. I just have never cared for it personally; but on special occasions I have a couple of drinks, so still a vice =).


Hey, regular user here (I’m in Canda, it’s legal!).
Keto + cannabis helped me managed my anxiety and insomnia without having to use any medication.
I don’t see any problem with my Keto lifestyle. Au contraire, it helps me fast (I usually do omad) and reduce my consumption of alcohol. I don’t do edibles, so my smoking habit is zero calories and zero carbs. I never experienced any “munchies” either and I suspect this phenomena was invented as a stoner movie trope.
I don’t know if you are used to smoking weed, but, like anything, be responsable and start with a very small dose and see how you react (I suppose that you are older than 21 and that it’s legal where you are, of course)


Legal where I live too. I like to partake and go for a long walk in nature. It enhances the experience and I seem to pay more attention to details of what I see. It also brings a nice serenity. Edibles are no issue, you can make cannabutter and use it like butter. No carbs needed.

(Susan) #7

When my hubby had his brain surgery in December (second one, first one was in December 2018), he was given the chocolate bars, some gummy bears and some cookies, so I was thinking of those when I thought of edibles. I can see if you make your own cannabutter that you would be avoiding the carbs, though =).

(Keto Koala 🐨) #8

I love weed but if I’m not used to it ( Like now) I cop the munchies really bad!!! :joy::joy::joy:. Oh boy. But after a while it goes away…Wish I had some now!!! :sob::sob::joy:


There are a ton of recipes for it online. It was a wonderful thing for my hubby when he could not shake the nausea after an operation - didn’t eat or drink for 6 weeks and they finally sent him home with me. he was so bad that he gagged when a nurse walked past his room with food for other patients. I made some cannabutter first thing at home and made him dissolve it in his mouth, no swallowing needed, it gets absorbed in mucus membranes. And voila - I started him on juices and slowly started feeding him fluids I made in my vitamix, slowly getting thicker and adding lots of things like cream and butter - the poor man was literally skin and bones. I liquified whole, real meals and slowly went on to purees and eventually solids. He gained all his weight and strength back. There is noting like cannabis when people can’t eat, it works better than all the meds the docs tried on him, including synthetic cannabis. That stuff is useless. Something must be missing in the formula for it.

(Susan) #10

That is great that it helped him =). My husband smokes it daily in the backyard in his shed --but I knew that he couldn’t make it to the backyard, etc after brain surgery to do that (I do NOT allow smoking in my house, ever) so the edibles worked well for him. I would not want to cook any cannabis in my home at all because of my almost 4 year old grand daughter living here, so I am so pleased for you and your hubby that that worked, but because of her, I wouldn’t do that in my home at all =). I always make sure that she never sees that stuff or is around it like EVER.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #11

48 year cannabis user here. One thing I noticed after going KETO was that the “munchies” didn’t happen anymore. I attributed this to my beaten carb and sugar addiction. I think maybe getting high uses up your blood glucose and you get a carb crash aka munchies. On KETO we naturally have low blood sugar and so it’s replaced through gluconeogenesis, not the usual Snickers bar or Pint of Ben and Jerry’s! :joy::joy::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:

(Keto Koala 🐨) #12

Well that’s a relief.:joy::joy::joy:. I’ve never smoked pot on KETO, hoping to one day.:heart::heart::heart:

(Alex ) #13

my opinion @anitakay is pass the joint ASAP! :slight_smile:

(Alex ) #14

the British Government need to get their shit together ASAP too…

(Pete A) #16

I smoke it daily. It’s part of my overall health program. :slight_smile:

(Keto Koala 🐨) #17

@Pete_A So envious . It’s illegal in Australia.:roll_eyes:


It’s illegal in Hungary AND I couldn’t get even if I wanted, wouldn’t know how and when. But as I never had it, I can’t miss it.


I’m seriously starting to think between stuff I read here, and some other unrelated forums I’m on that literally everything is illegal in AU! Head over to the states for vacation, we’ll consume some…brownies… and shoot some AR-15’s… you know… MERICA! :wink:

(Connor Underwood) #20

It would be hard to count the exact number because it’s too big. Almost, half of the population on this earth are active smokers of marijuana. Literally, all my colleagues smoke weed almost everyday spending thousands on it. I used to smoke when I was in college but now I gave up because my wife is against. The kids also aren’t going to be proud of their daddy. I decided to be a good father and husband, but sometimes I want to get back home and smoke some weed while laying on the bed and forgetting about the past day. And yes, it's legal, you can read more at Oh, now I can only dream to come back to old life.

(Wendy) #21

On the ballot this election in AZ! Hope like heck it gets passed this time. We are literally less than a mile from CA. And about 2 hrs from Nevada. :crossed_fingers: