Marijuana on keto

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In my opinion when it went from Medical to recreational in California it was a bad thing. Legalization was something I had wished for since I was a teen. It opened the door for the state to tax heavily. Before you could spend $40 or so a year for medical certification which paid the state. That was bad enough having to give the state money for medical use. Now with legalization there’s been a drastic increase in demand and lowering of quality for more $$$. Also the days of going into a dispensary and selecting from a jar are gone, no extra mugs for good customers anymore. It’s all carefully weighed and packaged in taxable quantities.At least we’re free to grow enough for personal use if you’re capable of doing that. The real answer is decriminalization.The government has no right to tax cannabis.


One inalienable right of Government is to create taxes. It forms the base to its very existence.

Theoretically, people are doing keto to lose weight, mixing marijuana in with the way of eating potentially may complicate hunger signal controls. But, experientially, that is variable as reported in n=1 (above). That variability is understandable as the inputs are not fully controlled.



I used to get the munchies, but for some reason not anymore. I am perfectly happy with OMAD and can smoke at any time during the day, without getting hungry. This is a change, I used to get the munchies badly. I think my body has just gotten used to OMAD. I do eat more though if I smoke before I eat.

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Make weed butter and substitute it with anything you need regular butter for! I put mine in my keto coffee everyday👌🏻

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We have medical in Florida and I wish it were as cheap as $40 a year! The drs are ripping us off on the visits. It cost me $300 for my first visit, it’s $140 a visit very 7 months for follow ups and $75 a year to renew the cards.

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I am happy for you! Few people think of this positive aspect of cannabis. It can help to fight anxiety. My psychotherapeutic prescribed cannabis products to help with my anxiety, and I wanted to avoid smoking because I am not too fond of it, so I started to eat delta eight mints. They gave me the same effect as smoking cannabis and helped me get rid of stress, and they allowed me to think more about myself. I started to spend more time for myself and medicating, and it helped me to cure anxiety.