March Madness Goodness

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Starting a thread to post meals for March

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Salad. Lettuce mostly from my small hydroponic.

Peruvian chicken. Sauce is mayo, jalapeños, cilantro, lime juice, lime zest. Great with chicken


Such a pretty salad!!! Pretty plate and good pic, vivid colors… Lovely. We had nice weather in February and some iceberg lettuces came out (how the seeds got there, I don’t know, I did have iceberg lettuces last year but we ate them, they had no seeds… could old seeds decide they come out a year later…? whatever, I was glad to see them before I dug up the patch), they are already quite macroscopic! :stuck_out_tongue: The big one would even be a whole bite!

I will try to bring photos, now it’s a slightly older one I put into the carni thread some days before… I call them scratchings but they have no skin, it’s very fatty pork after rendering lard. Crunchy perfection! It turned out especially well this time. I ate it up very quickly, I just couldn’t resist.

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Looks delicious!


It was :slight_smile: And the lard I get has the same flavor, nothing like the store-bought white stuff I don’t even remember as I never bought it, just had it when the organized hiking tour provided some bread with lard and onions (very typical hiking food). But my fav hiking tour (food wise. the main part was a bit short and boring after 1-2 years) provided proper lard (and jam), everything was homemade and delicious (the bread wasn’t and I was low-carb, it wasn’t ideal).
And if I go down in memory lane and it’s about bad combos… One my choir sang at some event and there was food provided as always. There were sandwiches. Bread (well, of course. normal, okay tasting) with some very good, very big amount of really delicious pork on it. But the bread was smeared with margarine. One of the worst ones or I just couldn’t tolerate it anymore, I haven’t eaten the stuff since ages at that point (as a kid, we bought the most fancy one, it tasted better than others I suppose, nowadays they managed to make a version that is more expensive than the cheapest, okay tasting, not watered-down butters! it is the one that has “buttery taste”, the other ones are cheaper as margarines normally are). It was AWFUL, poor pork ruined. Not everyone can eat fried pork alone.
Some people have very weird ideas. Or tastes. People do buy margarine so they surely find it less horrible than I do. My SO’s Mom uses margarine so I tasted it a few times since childhood. Ew. Substituting it with pure nothing is significantly better in most cases (just most as if it’s mixed with too many things, I lose the ability to taste it).

I am sorry bringing so sad topics into such a nice thread. But fortunately nothing even remotely like this can happen in my own home :slight_smile: Maybe my SO put way too much vegs into a dish when he uses all the meat of some kind (it was just fish today) but even that is rare. And I usually can put a lot of carnivore protein sources into it as extra, that mitigates the problems. It still makes an off day but possibly still a keto one, I can’t stick to carnivore all the time anyway. But I still prefer my carni protein sources without vegs.

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Just made me remember, there used to be a margarine product here called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”. The running joke was, “I can’t believe it’s not better!”

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Ok, fixed the thread title misspelling LOL

Shrimp with roasted red pepper sauce. I only used about half the sauce so will re-feeeze for another meal. My next meal of this will take less than 10 min - love it!

Roasted veggies

Puréed sauce

Seasoned shrimp

Cooked shrimp

Dressed with yummy sauce


I didn’t make a photo despite I had something more novel than my usual fried things… Tiramisu! :smiley: It was lovely and too little. I had a nice recipe for the biscuit part, it worked well. A keto tiramisu is even better than the normal one, I like when this happens.
I didn’t try a carnivore version yet.
I try to bring my old “planned full first meal” tray pics in the near future! It’s a bit more work but it’s good to see what a decent bigger meal looks like.

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Avocado salad with olive oil and vinegar

Egg salad and pork belly burnt ends

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Curry Coconut Shrimp


My lunch plate/tray for the last 2 days. As the pork is lean (I still easily overeat fat but I am trying…), I couldn’t eat it all at once so I needed another meal but considering the substantial amount, it’s fine :slight_smile: I ate more than this but not by very much. Sadly that included too much cream yesterday… I try to behave with dairy, it’s NOT easy.

It would be too long to explain what is that but I answer if someone is curious about something.
I mostly eat meat and eggs these days. With some inevitable dairy, even my meaty eggs today got some sour cream on top today, not in the photo but this dish almost always come together with sour cream, it’s a match made in heaven.

(Jane) #12

Doesn’t look particularly appetizing but was delicious. Eggs with homemade Italian sausage, a little spinach, onion, garlic and lots of cheese (feta, cheddar).

(Robin) #13

Looks as good as you say.
I had to eat out last night so got a bun less burger. One of the cheese options was feta. Whoa. Forgot how much it enhances the flavor.


It’s moist, cheesy and eggy, it looks quite good to me :wink:

(Jane) #15

Asparagus in brown butter sauce and Parmesan cheese. Leftover frittata with some added sour cream. Plus a bowl of homemade soup made from sirloin steak (not shown)

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Mesquite-smoked pork tenderloin

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Please do make an April version of this thread - I’m going to try reintroducing some fermented veg and dairy and would love to join you :heart: