Mammogram surprise-has this happened to anyone else?


I had my yearly mammogram last week and after the first picture, the tech asked me, “have you lost a lot of weight since last year?” I said I had and asked why she asked. She had me come around and look at the computer screen. The picture was very different than the one next to it from last year! She said, “your breasts are much smaller than they were and a completely different composition!” She then had to record the weight change because she said the doctor would question the results otherwise and told me not to be alarmed if I received a call anyway.

I have had two DEXA scans since starting keto, but this was a whole different type of picture and really quite funny. So ladies, don’t be surprised if this happens to you! :blush:

(TJ Borden) #2

That happened to my wife too… :pensive: damn keto.



(Jane Hull) #4

I am having mine done this week. I wondered about that. Last time she said they were very dense.

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Quality not quantity. Has keto taught you nothing?


Mine are, too. She described it to me as some women have mostly fat tissue breasts and others have dense breasts. She said it had to do with things like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and other things (I.e. genetics)


I had the exact same thing. I had to stop and see if I wrote your post!

(Nicole Silvia) #8

Yea, the only good thing about weight gain was having lovely breasts again. When I was an athlete they were… quite sad… I hate to say.

Unfortunately we can’t have everything we desire!

(Jane Hull) #9

So are they still dense since you have lost weight?



(Whitney) #11

Do you mind giving some more detail regarding the type of composition change? Was it just less fat = smaller breasts? Or had the types of fatty deposits changed?

Cool results!


She wasn’t all that specific but the breasts were smaller. I see my doctor on the 3rd and will ask her more questions.



(Cathy) #14

I’ve noticed the same thing! My breasts are smaller and softer. I’m expecting the same results at my next mammo.

(Candy Lind) #15

I’m overdue for one, and I bet my pictures will be quite different, as well. I know I’ve always been quite fibrocystic, and I feel much less “bumpy” on self-exams.

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I’d be interested in hearing the results.

(Peggy Way) #17

Oh I was so happy to find your post! I have had a fibrocystic cyst in my left breast since forever (since I grew boobs, I swear). It has gone up and down with weight loss and possibly hormone changes but has always been there. Two years ago after my first mammogram the doctor wanted to biopsy it. I refused. Nothing felt different to me and I’d had it so long I wasn’t going to let anything invasive be done just to cover a doctors butt. We settled on an ultrasound and a recheck in 6 months. Second mammogram showed no change so they decided I was ok. I started keto March 7th of this year. I’m down 40 lbs. Yesterday I realized that I could no longer feel the lump. I’ve been prodding and prodding and nothing is there. I am so curious and can’t wait to get my now annual exam in January. I will post as soon as I know the results!

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There you go :slightly_smiling_face: Agreed :+1:

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@PeggysWay any results yet? :nerd_face:
Tomorrow is my first mammogram since I started keto. I will report also.

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The lady started by doing a visual check before taking the photo’s. She then asked me if something had happened: maybe I lost a lot of weight? So she was able to tell that from comparing photo’s of the last time with the visual check this time.

I was very happy it was so obvious for her. I did not loose any weight in this period, but I believe the fat:muscle ratio has changed a lot. To be sure I asked her if menopausal women like me do not show this often. Her ‘no’ was very convincing. Nice :smile: