Making Pickled Eggs?

(Guardian of the bacon) #1

For those of you that have made pickled eggs by simply dropping them in pickle juice…how long do you typically leave them in the brine before you start enjoying them?

(Sondra Rose) #2

2 to 3 days.

(Jay Morris) #3

We are gonna need a picture of those Pickled Eggs in this post…

(Allan Misner) #4

I wait about 2 weeks. I have a jar in my fridge right now that have about a week to go.

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

Here is One I ate yesterday after being in the brine 3 days. It had picked up some flavor but needed more.

(Cesare) #6

I let them sit for at least a week, but they are one of the foods that gets better over time.

I suggest adding lots of mustard and hot sauce into the jar. What is really great is using the left over brine from pickled jalapenos

(Jane Reed) #7

I tasted one after four days and it was pleasant but not very sour. After three or four more days I tasted another and it was more pickle-like. I was not overly fond of the flavor but I will make them again because I like having cooked eggs at the ready, and these will keep for a long time without spoiling.

(Guardian of the bacon) #8

I think there are a lot of flavor profiles a person could develop to suit their tastes

(Jay Morris) #9

Im gonna have to give them a try.

(Warren ) #10

I did eggs and sausage. I started eating them after 5 days ,but took me at least 2 weeks to finish the jar, they only got better!