Making leftover prime rib shine!

(carl) #1

This is a geeky story of how a couple gadgets improve my life in the kitchen. I look at cooking gear as medical expenses. Food is my medicine. It has healed me. If I can’t be satisfied feeding myself then I’m headed for disaster. That totally justifies the expense of these doo-hickies.

I had some prime rib left over from Christmas dinner, complete “au jus.” I cut it up into bite sized cubes, split it up into 2 gallon-sized Ziploc bags (because that’s how much of it I had) and filled the bags with cold smoke several times. For this I used a cold smoking gun. What a great kitchen gadget that is!

I let the smoke stay in the bag for about 15 minutes and repeated the process 3 times. Then, I split up the meat and juice into portions, sealed them up with the Food Saver (I know, more gadgets!) and put them in the freezer.

Whenever I want one of these portions, I take out a bag, fill a pot with warm water, and attach my Anova Sous Vide stick set to 135 F. In 30 minutes I’ve got perfectly reheated smoked prime rib that is STILL MEDIUM RARE!

Leftovers have never been so good.

(Ross Daniel) #2

Ok, so Carl, you’re writing my birthday & Christmas list for me. Keep up the good work! :sunglasses:

(Laurie) #3

Wow, my world is ever expanding :smile: Had to look up cold smoking gun and it’s now on my wish list.


I wonder if I can reimburse a Sous Vide purchase from my health savings account. :wink: