Making keto aid (UK)


I want to step up my fasting and want to make keto aid. Has anyone done this?

I looked for the ingredients in Brenda’s recipe and failed to find either of them.
Morton’s Lite Salt has a different nutrient profile to Lo Salt.

And the only magnesium citrate I can find is in pill form.

Anyone got any substitute product ideas?


I’m not in the UK but just looked up LoSalt and it’s about a 66/33 Potassium/Sodium blend, that’s right around the same as Lite Salt. Doesn’t have to be perfect! On the liquid Mag Citrate, it’s going to be with all the laxatives, not the supplements.


Ah ok! I see - on both. Thank you.


+1 on LoSalt, my go to if I feel worn out when fasting. If you struggle to find magnesium powder I am certain you can buy it on amazon, usually as chelated magnesium. I like the chelated one as I have no bowel issues with it. Supposedly chelation makes it more bioavailable, whether that is fact or fiction I do not know :blush:


Thank you. Do you buy the chelated magnesium in tablet form on Amazon?

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You can find Magnesium Citrate in powder form on Amazon UK. I get the NOW brand.


I buy the capsules on Amazon UK. 250mg ones.


available online, and from health food stores