Major Score!

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I somehow like the idea of “decorative grease” on the kitchen table, lol! (We have a lot of that, too, in my house.) :grin:


Is it me? Or do we see this more these days? :smile: I swear, there’s times I just want to cook outside all the time. Seems like no matter what we cook, it all splatters to some degree, and yes, it seems to find it’s way everywhere! (It’s the drywall dust of cooking!) :smile: … Are we simply cooking foods these days on higher temps, because I don’t remember this being the case years ago? :confused:

(Laurie) #43

Grease spatters could be exacerbated by water in the meat. While water has been added to processed meats such as ham for a long time, it became common practice for other meats (e.g., steaks and roasts) about 20 years ago. You can do a search for “enhanced meat.”

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(Bob M) #45

My wife and I, for our anniversary, bought a two-burner gas grill. I like it, as it helps to sear steak and other sous vide or slow-cooked meats.

I never thought about using a pan inside the grill.

(Carnivore for the win) #46

I really like a reverse sear with the sous vide as well. I even use my instapot, then perform a reverse sear, which I did this weekend for some venison.

Putting a heavy cast iron pan inside the grill, is a great way to catch the juices for a sauce, but still get the smoky taste of the BBQ.


Yeah, my biggest issue presently is the size of the grill I have now. It’s actually quite large, and I really hate heating it up for just a couple steaks, etc. So I think this smaller one should work well. I know of few folks now who said it works great for searing steaks, but also good for making all sorts of things, like omelets, meat wraps, etc. - I think I will pick one up the next time Lowes has one of their 18-24 month interest free sales. There’s some other things I need for the house, so I always hit them up on these for the interest free time.

(Eric) #48

Not sure if all Costco carry it but in my area I can get Sir Kensington’s Organic Avocado Oil mayo with no soy or canola oil as a base. The ingredient list is pretty basic and I really like the mayo.

(Edith) #49

FYI: I was just at Costco. Whole pork loin was on sale for $1.99/lb with an extra $8 taken off at the register. Worked out to a little over a dollar per pound.

(Marianne) #50

Wow! That is a phenomenal deal. Could you purchase more than one? Unfortunately, we don’t belong to Costco, just BJs.

(Edith) #51

Yeah, I bought two. I cut them into thirds and froze them.