Magic Spoon thoughts?

(B Creighton) #21

I give you an A for effort. If you are going to eat cereal, this is going to be probably one of the healthiest choices - maybe when you absolutely do not have time to make breakfast. What’s wrong with whole milk? It’s better than sweetened almond or coconut milk. I am lactose intolerant, so I get both of the latter unsweetened, and use them to make protein smoothies with protein powders sweetened with erythritol/monk fruit or stevia sweeteners. That is what my wife has been having for breakfast on keto along with eggs and bacon sometimes.

However, I can think of plenty of breakfast foods probably more nutricious and definitely cheaper per ounce of protein. My keto go to choice is egg and cheese omelets - sometimes with some oven baked bacon - I typically do not eat meat for breakfast. I also have a cup of goat yogurt every morning sweetened with berries and some xylitol and erythritol/monk fruit. I am currently only low carb so to that I typically add a red grapefruit afterwards. When not doing keto the above is followed up with a peanut butter, banana and raisin sandwich typically on organic wheat bread.

I dropped cereal years ago - and tried - somewhat in vain - to prevent my wife from buying it for the kids. Unfortunately, now both wheat and oats can be sprayed with glyphosate, so I only eat organic. Granola is typically full of sugar, so is off my list. I no longer buy most American dairy because most of it has A1 casein from a genetic mutation in Holsteins although I do eat cheeses which of course are full of casein proteins.

Either way my breakfast has at least a fair amount of protein - the peanut butter and wheat combo actually makes a complete protein, although not as good as the eggs and cheese. The goat yogurt is very ketogenic, and I really enjoy it.

In the last few months I have also taken to blending up a whole lemon in some cold water to make lemonade. I will pour this concentrated mix into a cup to which I add about 10 drops of stevia sweetener, and more cold water to taste. It really is quite good, and is guiltless. The lemon covers the usual aftertaste of the stevia quite well. This is what I drink for breakffast. It used to just be water. One blended lemon usually lasts me about a week.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #22

I stopped wanting to eat before noon several years ago, much to my surprise, but my first meal of the day is still occasionally bacon and eggs (just had some, in fact). But I do the bacon in the pan, so that I have plenty of fat to scramble the eggs in, yum! :bacon: :bacon:

(B Creighton) #23

I have to eat in the morning. I rarely eat while I am working - I tend to work straight through - and I do a fairly physical work, so I want breakfast to get me going. It typically lasts me the whole day, although sometimes I will eat my nut mix for lunch. This last year, I seemed to have a better energy level all day though - probably because I am now fairly low carb compared to what I used to be, and am burning those fats from my goat yogurt. I have always really enjoyed breakfast, and don’t skip it unless I am doing OMAD fast days on which I do my weight training - I survive those days OK - I don’t have hunger pangs - but I still love having breakfast, and look forward to it the next morning. Either way it sounds like we are both essentially two meal per day types of dudes… :grin:

(Susan) #24

So many good suggestions, especially love the lemonade idea (and I have a liquid stevia I like).

I love whole milk, just afraid of getting too much sugar from it…and I did find some unsweetened coconut milk last week that tastes pretty good, even with the Magic Spoon.