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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Maggie, talks about her career as a volunteer aid worker and shares some of the hair-raising scrapes she has found herself in over the years. This is a departure from the usual episodes and is nothing to do with keto. She is most definitely an extraordinary woman though and I wanted to share her story.

Maggie is 68 and lives with her partner in North Yorkshire.

She had a secondary school teaching career from 1974 - 1997 punctuated by long leaves of absence to cycle through Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand to name but a few. In 1989 she was caught up in the Tiananaman Square massacre. In 1999 Maggie began a career in Aid Work during the war in Kosovo and went on to work in areas of conflict and natural disaster. She now works on the Lebanon/Syria border. 

If you would like to support Maggie in the valuable work she does please go to Edinburgh Direct Aid.

In the EDA vocational training centre watching the practical electricians course for Syrian refugees.

With the Syrian refugee camp reconstruction team - Lebanon/Syrian border July 2019 Delivering food to isolated camps near the Syrian border through the night of a very bad winter storm. - February 2019 Delivering heating oil to a camp during a winter storm near the Lebanon/Syria border March 2019.


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