Macros: USDA nutrition data for eggs doesn't add up

(betsy.rome) #1

I decided to start tracking my macros again.
First thing I did was look up the USDA data on large raw eggs.
The carbs for 1 raw egg white + 1 raw egg yolk does not add up the same as 1 large raw egg.
White + Yolk = 0.85g carbs. (0.24 +0.61)
Whole egg = 0.36g carbs.
0.49 difference. MFP has some bad data, but the USDA?
Here’s the links:
Whole egg:

(Dustin Cade) #2

I’m curious about this too…


Carb by difference is ratio to weight. So, by weight the ratio is higher in part than the whole. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s a good estimate. With such small amount of carbs, it’s negligible.

How many carbs in eggs - yolk vs white?