Lustig: Sugar is the 'alcohol of the child', yet we let it dominate the breakfast table... no wonder they're getting diabetes

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Keto kids
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Until the guidelines change, it will be a grass roots efforts for the parents to relearn to cook Keto /LCHF for breakfast. And to doge their own personal docs pushing high fiber grains.

I support those changing the food guidelines since our kids are getting sick on high carb waffles based on the guidelines when they depend on assistance due to economic situations.

Uphill battle on all fronts. Just glad to be making a LCHF breakfast for my teen and her visiting friend with my Keto breakfast. Thank goodness I changed.

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Ha! Love the ending of the article: “Don’t let your child be a loser by succumbing to corporate interests. Make sure they eat a real breakfast of champions.”

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I have two kids aged 10 and 13. I eat very low carb. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t tell them about eating at least moderate carb. I also send them articles I see on eating low carb. I do this for two reasons: I know they’re being inundated with the message that they’ll be healthy if they avoid eating fat and eat plenty of carbs; and I didn’t have anybody telling me this when I was younger. In fact, the message I got was just the opposite: eat low fat high carb to be healthy.

I’m sure eating moderate carb, high fat is healthier for my kids. I think, hope, nutritional information they receive will catch up. For now, however, it’s just me encouraging my kids to eat lower carb, and telling them why.

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That’s my philosophy as well! At birthday parties I don’t restrict them on cake and ice cream. By not having sweets on a regular basis they are satisfied with smaller doses of sugar. I want them to be fully nourished so that they can make choices on their own in such situations. My goal is not for them to be in ketosis (like me), but to have a taste for meat, fat and vegetables over processed snack foods and sweets.

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Yeah, I’m pretty much in the same boat.
I cringe every time I see my kids eating empty carbs (candy, etc). They’re not fat, and I don’t want them to be. I just try inform how to eat. I’m hoping when they get older they’ll get more serious about how they eat. My wife (with a diabetic brother and nephew) is slowly coming around. Until then, the best I can do is educate my kids and provide a good example of how to eat.


I love Robert Lustig! I’m sure most folks here have seen it, but if you haven’t check out his YouTube talk, “Sugar: the Bitter Truth.”

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That’s a great one, I share it with those that I’m trying to convert!