Lower ketosis on fasting?

(Erik) #1


So I have been on strict ketos since Christmas eavning. My SW:119kg and my CW: 114,5kg. So all well so far. I’m using both blood and breath meters.

So this weekend I had some more carbs then I should, so I went out of ketosis.

On Friday my breath was stable as usual between 2,0 and 2,9 but my blood showed ketos at 0,4 and glucose at 4,5. I’m usually at about around 1,5 ketosis and around 5 in glucose.

Now to the interesting part.

I went on a fast on Sunday and stopped about 36 hours later, and my ketones have been really low through the whole fasting, but ones i had eating it went back to normal?!?!?

Sunday morning K: 0,8. G: 5,7. GKI: 7,1

Sunday evening K: 0,4. G: 4,6. GKI: 11,5

Monday morning K: 0,6. G: 4,9. GKI: 8,2

Monday evening K: 0,9. G: 4,2. GKI: 4,7

Tuesday morning K: 0,7. G: 5,2. GKI: 7,4

And now right before lunch. K: 0,9. G: 4,5. GKI: 5,0

And one hour after lunch ketones back to normal.

K: 1,2. G: 5,1. GKI: 4,2

Under the whole time my breath is about the same ranging between 2,5 to 2,9

I thought that under a fast your ketones are supposed to increase “above” normal? That’s what happened last time under my 36 hours fasting.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #2

Okay, I’ll take a stab in the dark. You’ve been eating ketogenic for less than a month. You say you had more carbs than you should on the last weekend and it knocked you out. So at the time you’ve been at it you were probably getting progress towards being fat adapted but you mucked it having a weekend off. Before you’re fat adapted when you do this it can set you back pretty good. The first 3 months you need to stay strict with your diet. You set yourself back and it’s taking some time getting back to solid ketosis. When you say you had too many for the weekend that’s worse by far than a single meal. How many extra? Was it an all out binge or just a little over? Or did you eat a couple of pizzas and drink beer or something, like a party weekend? You can’t carb hit yourself early on like that, it sets the clock back on fat adaptation. Stay on plan. The longer you do the easier it gets. Hang in there. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Erik) #3

Aha, I see.

I had some carbonara on Friday evening and pizza on Saturday evening, which where social events.

I still lose weight, but i have seen that my GKI has been really high lately.

Yesterday I had two meals, eggs, bacon and broccoli at the morning. And stake and some veggies in the eavning.

But now I’m down at just 0,4 ketones.

So I guess I just have to skip any cheet day and just carry on.

That may explain that I’ve been really energy deficient the last couple of days also.


(Full Metal KETO AF) #4

Exatctamundo brother! Keep Calm and Keto On. It will return to normal again soon. :cowboy_hat_face: