Low Sugar During Workout


(Randall Bruce) #1

I’m new to Keto and trying to find some options for when I get low sugar during a workout. I used to pop a jolly rancher or something, but my Keto carb tracking app says they are almost 6 carbs a piece!! Any suggestions on what to use as a replacement?

(Allie) #2

Be patient and stick with it, allow your body to adapt properly and you won’t need it.


Hi Randall and welcome!
“low sugar” because you feel weak or seeing a certain number on a glucose reading?

It takes a while to become fat-adapted to the extent that your system can easily tap fat stores for fuel in a workout, and it’s generally simpler to just cut back a bit on your intensity and watch your stamina improve as you adapt.

So basically ^ what Allie said :slight_smile:

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Once you’re fat-adapted, you’ll be running circles around all the gel-packet-suckers. (If you’re so inclined. ;)) Unless you’re anorexic or emaciated, your body has all the energy it needs for a workout.

(Jeff) #5

I train during my fast. I have no need for anything but water for my workouts. I just use my fat stores for energy.

(Scott) #6

I kept at it (running) but had to walk and rest a lot in the beginning. It was at the three month mark that my energy rebounded. Now its like endless energy to run and I have added weights for the last month and a half. I started keto in July 2018.

(BuckRimfire) #7

A “science” question for those who train while fasting: Do you feel any energy limitations to your workout length? Recently I was listening to a Dudes episode (fairly old, I think but I can’t remember which one) and Richard mentioned a paper that said you could only liberate 32 Kcal per kg of body fat per day. For me, that could only be about 300 Calories per day! That number seems very low, and at odds with the idea that keto is good for ultra-marathoners.

I don’t usually fast more than 12 hours overnight, but I have gone a bit longer and felt OK (but not exercising).


I think that calculation is based on calorie restriction in sugar burners (the Minnesota starvation experiment ) so I doubt it applies to folks who are fat adapted and have low insulin. Some people do have a hard time fasting when they’re lean, so there’s probably something going on with how much our fat is actually available at any given moment but I doubt it can be expressed as a formula that applies to everyone.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #9

I believe that Zach Bitter varies his carb content depending on whether he is training, competing or recovering.

(Randall Bruce) #10

I basically get really light headed, and trainers in the past have told me its probably blood sugar. Its a pre-existing thing that started before I started Keto so not sure if my body will adapt differently


Hypoglycemia generally happens if we don’t have great blood sugar control, so you’ll likely see some really nice benefits in that area from keto!
For now, I would just be easy on yourself in your workouts and make sure you’re good with electrolytes.

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(Scott) #13

Last weekend I went out in the morning and ran 4 miles. I also stopped by the gym on the way back to do a set on the Nautilus machines. When I got home I normally would have a large breakfast but just decided to pass and started cutting grass. No energy issues at all.