Low CarbUSA Virtual Conference

(Troy) #1


Current confirmed speakers at Virtual San Diego 2020 include:

Gary Taubes; Brian Lenzkes, MD; Dave Feldman; Ben Bocchiccio, PhD; Paul Mason, MD; Robert Cywes, MD, PhD; Tro Kalayjian, DO; Amy Berger, MS, CNS; Shawn Baker, MD; Joan Ifland, PhD, MBA; Bret Scher, MD; Peter Ballerstedt, PhD; Gurpreet Padda, MD, MBA; Ariel Ortiz, MD; Eric Westman, MD, MHS; Tony Hampton MD; Steven Tucker, MD; and our latest addition Nasha Winters, ND

(Troy) #2

NOW…For $79 :slightly_smiling_face:
A friendly reminder

I never heard of any of these speakers
They appear desperate for filling in some spaces


(Bob M) #3

I haven’t heard of 9 of the 16. And I don’t know any of the breakout speakers.