Low Carb Houston @ UHCL

(Justin Hamilton (Hamenopi)) #1

Hey friends!
It’s been a dream of mine to make it to KetoFest (less so KetoCon) but logistically, I’m not in a place where I can make that happen. It was a little dismaying. I so want to New Haven it out will all you guys, but recently I discovered something which re-lit my fat burning fires.

Low Carb Houston @ UHCL.

It’s right down the road from me! I am in shock!

Do you know how hard it has been to find keto friends down here? When I started, I was the only one I knew… besides a few mlm pushers who were shadier than the backside of a dark cave.

Now, keto is a thing. people know what it is.
I don’t get clueless stares when I ask for a burger, no bun, add a fried egg.
Half the servers strike up low carb conversations now! It’s really surreal. It’s a little emotional!

So many of my friends know keto. Experienced it in varying degrees, and seen success.

Many of their questions, I’ve answered with knowledge from the 2 keto dudes and from the list of speakers which will be there.
I will be able to introduce my friends to some of the people who helped save us, and through us, them.
I’m just blown away.

If anyone can make it, let me know. I love to meet y’all, share in the experience, and continue to grow with you.



(Jane) #2

Not living there now, but lived in Houston over 50 years!

If you order a burger w/o the bun at Whataburger they put it in a plastic tray and give you a knife and fork to eat it with :smile:


Is anyone from here planning to go to Low Carb Houston 2019? I will be there and am very excited about the list of topics that will be talked about.

(Jane) #4

I will just miss it! I am traveling to Houston next week but it will be over by then. If I still lived in Friendswood I would definitely be going this weekend!