Low carb fish cakes


(Antony Collins) #1

My first effort at low carb fish cakes went ok last night…they were pretty tasty…next time I will try salmon and also make some low carb Aioli…

Ingredients: A fleshy fish (I used cod), 1 egg, few tablespoons of Almond Meal (keep adding until texture comes together), dill herb, salt, pepper and fresh garlic. I used the nutri bullet to bring all the ingredients together then in a bowl added the egg and almond meal.

I then rolled them into 4 patties and fried them in butter and olive oil…

(Larry Lustig) #2

Thanks, bookmarking this one. . .

(Stephanie Pratt) #3

I just saw a similar recipe using canned tuna. I have been craving a fish sandwich. Maybe I will make these and some oopsie rolls. Thanks for sharing!

(Antony Collins) #4

Welcome…I think salmon make taste even better…next time I will try that…

(Larry Lustig) #5

Made them tonight. No dill, so used thyme. No garlic, so used a bit of onion. No blended so hand-chopped.

Got a pretty good reception.

I’d consider adding a bit of curry powder next time and possibly using some coconut flour in place of almond flour (mine were quite wet). Or, adding chopped olives and capers.

(Antony Collins) #6

Yeah mine were a little dry so needed mayonnaise to add really. Im not sure if it was the almond flour or that I just over cooked them…