Low-carb diets... burn more calories - November 14, 2018, Boston Children's Hospital

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This is fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

Calling all CICO-ers! :smile:


“Ludwig and Ebbeling recently launched another clinical trial called FB4, in which 125 adults with obesity live in a residential center for 13 weeks. Participants are being randomized to one of three diets: very-low-carb, high carb/low sugar or high carb/high sugar diets, with their calorie intakes individually matched to their energy expenditure. Results are expected in 2021.”

I’ll be so interested to see what, if any, difference there will be between the high carb/high sugar and high carb/low sugar groups are considering:
“Carbs provided to all three groups were of high quality, conforming to guidelines for minimizing sugar and using whole rather than highly processed grains.” My guess is not much.

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My favorite quote from the study:

In people with the highest insulin secretion at baseline, the difference in calorie expenditure between the low- and high-carb diets was even greater, about 400 kilocalories per day, consistent with what the Carbohydrate-Insulin Model would predict. Ghrelin, a hormone thought to reduce calorie burning, was significantly lower on the low- versus high-carb diet.

Also interesting is that none of the diets were keto! I wonder if that makes a further difference .