Low Carb Braunschweiger?


Every Braunschweiger I see has like 3g of net carbs per serving… that’s quite a bit, especially since the stuff is very addictive. (I am thinking it’s addictive because of the extra carbs along with all the beneficial vitamins).

Anyways, is there a tasty version of this say 1g of net carbs per serving? Trying to get all the health benefits from liver.

I suppose I should just eat like 4-5 oz of real liver each week instead. Dont really care for the taste of it but I could grow to like it. I do like the taste of the braunchweiger though.


Not sure of the carb content but Whole Foods carries a pretty good, minimal processed liverwurst that’s pretty good.
US Wellness Meats has good stuff, too, and their liverwurst and braunschweiger are listed as 0 carb. I’ve had the liverwurst and head cheese from there and they’re both good.

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Liver has carbs. :cowboy_hat_face:


David, I think I recall them adding starch to the braunschweiger though.


I’ve heard others mention US Wellness Meats, where do you get your’s? Looking for the cheapest price possible :slight_smile:


I actually don’t eat it much, I’m one of those weirdos who actually likes liver. :laughing:
I do order from US Wellness meats sometimes and when I do I’ll order some organ sausage along with the other stuff I’m getting. Nothing there is cheap but it’s good quality.

Most of the braunschweiger and liverwurst you’ll find in grocery stores is going to have questionable additives.


I decided to just go with beef liver… it’s only $2.50 per pound as well. I cooked up 1 1/2 pounds and cut into 1/2 oz portions and put in freezer. I’ll eat 1/2 oz per day for the vitamin A, B12 etc…


You’re right! I bought some beef liver from walmart and fried it up (to where it was just a light pink inside, not grey). Was really tender and tasty… but umm… yeah it was really sweet! I am guessing all the glycogen stored in the liver from all the grain it was fed?


I like making chicken liver pate, you could do the same with any liver. Just fry up some fat and whatever spices you like, add liver, cook all the way through, pop in blender with some more fat (butter is really best. If you like, add a spoon of water and a spoon of collagen powder, blend well, cool in fridge, done. So good.


Does Walmart sell chicken livers by the pound?


I buy these: https://www.foodservicedirect.com/tyson-individual-quick-frozen-chicken-liver-5-pound-4-per-case-142329.html
I discovered cod liver (canned) on this forum and hesitatingly tried some - I remember the foul tasting cod liver oil mom gave us kids every day - had to take a spoonful. The canned cod liver is nothing like it - doesn’t taste like cod or like liver. It’s a very mellow, buttery taste, it melts on your tongue, it is really great.