Low carb and insulin resistance


Just visited my GP. I’ve been on LCHF for about six months. That and IF have stabilized my A1C.

That said he is a strong supporter of vegetarianism or near it. Low animal protein and low cholesterol.
He said something today I wondered if anyone knew the source.

“Losing weight with a high animal proteins diet. You will lose the weight but be more insulin resistant when you are done, and thus gain the weight back”.

I like his approach to medicine so I didn’t want to argue of course I don’t agree. Since he is on board with most of what I’m doing I left off the keto update.
I was mainly curious of the source of where this idea came from. Anyone know the history?

Thanks for the help

(bulkbiker) #2

Barnard and Greger’s lies I’m guessing…

(Full Metal KETO AF) #3

Let him be a HCLF vegetarian, you be you! The things doctors do best is repair traumatic injuries and prescribe drugs to cover or maintain a medical condition. Or they remove the pesky organ. Best to avoid all those factors. Taking your position as the most active person in your health care team is crucial. Question everything, I wish I had done this more. Especially dietary advice like that. Stop your vegan lies! :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jack Bennett) #4

Lowering A1C and triglycerides is the exact opposite of being more insulin resistant. So I’m not sure how he gets to the conclusion he did…


After A quick google I believe you hit it dead on.

Good thing I didn’t mention the bacon and eggs waiting for me at home

(Jane) #6

Ask him to provide a link to the studies that show this!

That will probably floor him as doctors aren’t used to having their knowledge questioned!!!

(Jack Bennett) #7

“Wow, that’s really interesting. That’s a bit different from some of the studies I’ve read. I’d love to see some links to articles about how eating meat protein leads to insulin resistance following weight loss.”


One thing that came up in the conversation today was that my diagnosis is impaired glucose tolerance, not insulin resistance.

I guess one IGT is dependent on having or being insulin resistant not sure I see the difference

I was kind of surprised when I said I was insulin resistant and was corrected. In that it wasn’t my diagnosis. (I have IGT)… or at least did until my blood work come in cus he doesn’t know I’m fixed now… thanks to keto

Thanks for all the feedback


I’ve been playing it back in my mind I can only think he is thinking of a high protein diet

Maybe like a badly formed Adkins.

I should mention he is a low fat and low cholesterol guy. Nieedless to say I didn’t mention how divergent we were.

I almost asked how can you be low fat and low carb at the same time but decided to wait
Low everything is starving

Hopefully dave’s protocol worked.

(Jane) #10

You are doing great!

You can’t blame doctors - they are trained to fix medical conditions with drugs, not diets. And who can blame them when their patients won’t comply?

“I can’t give up my bread, potatoes and pasta!”

I heard that this week from a co-worker who commented on my weight loss. I grinned and said “keto, man!” He slumped and gave me the above line. Yes.You.Can.

But you have to get over the cravings first. And that is not easy with processed foods and fast food engineered to hit on our ”bliss point” like crack cocaine.

(Jack Bennett) #11

I googled “impaired glucose tolerance”. Turns it’s the same thing as prediabetes. TIL.

In any case, regardless of what you call it, cutting carbs on a keto diet is likely to help the condition.



I found this very short video BUT take it all with a grain of salt in that what they are saying is that the protein WITH HIGH CARBS can trigger this situation.

I heard absolutely nothing about ketosis, an extreme low carb plan or anything possibly even remote to our way of eating being involved in this information that is floating out there.

even the rat chow…carbs in that chow? I bet there is LOL

This to me seems like more troubles again for the SAD menu eaters.


one last thing…
I got the blood tests back
So he is happy about my results. I guess the main worry I understand it is the HDL to TG ratio which is 2.0 seems almost in the good range and much improved
my A1C was down to from 5.7 to 5.4 which makes me all normal … So far so good just need to stay the course (KCKO) :slight_smile:

HDL up to 49 from 38
TG - 98 down from 108
and LD up 88 from 64…
Thanks for all the feedback

(Susan) #14

Awesome, congrats =).

(Bob M) #15

He’s kind of correct, in that we (anyone eating keto for a while) will be physiologically insulin resistant. This spares blood glucose for what’s needed (not that anyone can figure out that that is, though :grinning:). This is transient, though, and goes away quickly (and actually daily: higher in the morning, lower at night).

That’s why the term “insulin resistant” is a tricky one. Exactly WHAT is insulin resistant?


The keto adapted cells are resistant to the action of insulin(key) letting glucose into the cell because their machinery has converted to burning exclusively fat as fuel and hence the glucose remains in the blood… Hyperglycemia.

Anyone with atherosclerosis will have some level of insulin resistance where there is plaque buildup.

(Bob M) #17

Here’s a study with very low calorie diets:


Both the liver and pancreas improved.

You can assume that fasting and/or keto will have similar results.