Low-Carb Action Network - push for new Dietary Guidelines

(Troy) #1

It’s a start at least
DISCLAIMER- I’m not affiliated

But I’m going to sign up


Info on FB and Twitter as well under L-CAN

“A new group, called the Low-Carb Action Network (L-CAN), is making its voice heard, wiith the aim of ensuring that a ‘true’ low-carb diet is included in the 2020 Guidelines. The group’s early efforts resulted in some 350 people submitting public comments to the DGA Committee about its proposal to define a “low-carb” diet as 45% of calories or less. Leading experts in the field generally consider a low-carb diet to have a maximum of 25% of calories as carbohydrates. The 350 comments by low-carb advocates represent a startling 85% of total comments during the two-week period allowed for public input on the 2020 protocols.”

(Troy) #2

Launched :smile:


Always heartening to see people organizing for good. At the same time, since the Greenland melt documentation means sea levels are indeed rising rapidly in the next year (goodbye Manhattan) within an industrially accelerated global warming extinction context, the human diet is one of the lesser of my concerns considering the rapid disappearance/decline of many wondrous species (our kin).

But… LCAN is providing a way for some folks to join with other likeminded folks - and better that than just watching telly, for sure!