(Denise) #21

Oh, thanks Paul!! I just couldn’t figure out what all you guys were talking about, my brain shorts out at times, often, all the time, LOL!!

So this is more about Life Extension than “quality of life” ! Ok, yes, I can honestly say that enjoying today to the best of my ability, is my goal :wink:

oops, I did it again, it’s you that posted it!! I still thank you @ctviggen Bob M :wink:

(Take time to smell the bacon) #22

You’re quite welcome. The little bit of reading I did this time made a lot more sense than the last time I tried to figure out what mTOR was.

As for whether it’s a good or a bad thing, I think it completely depends on the context. Growth hormones, for example, are a good thing when they stimulate muscle growth, but a bad thing when they stimulate the growth of a cancer. It seems to me that mTOR is the same sort of deal. To my mind, it’s best to let the bodily mechanisms that developed over two million years of evolution do their thing. It’s very difficult to outsmart them.

(Denise) #23

I just feel safer with nutrition, and maybe some supplements. Not that I would turn down medication (like a pain killer) for a broken leg etc :wink:

(Take time to smell the bacon) #24

In the case of a broken leg, it’s appropriate to treat the symptom (the pain) with a medication. There’s nothing to do about the root cause (the fracture), except to let it heal. In the case of metabolic disease, however, it’s better to address the root condition rather than each symptom individually.

(Denise) #25

Ok, yes, this makes a lot of sense to me Paul. I never thought or knew of it but that’s a good reason not to give up on conventional medicine completely and I’ve always known there is a place for it :wink: The way you explain it though helps a whole lot :wink: