Lou Malnati's crustless deep dish pizza

(Dan GILLIO) #1

If you are in the Chicago land area stop at Lou’s. This pizza was the awesome and only 2 net carbs per slice!

(Karen) #2

Fathead or sausage crust??. :pizza: looks yum!!


(Todd Gamel) #3

According to their website, it is a sausage crust, that is what I based my recipe on. You can find their post on their website: Malnati’s Crustless Deep Dish Pizza.

(Marta Loftfield) #4

@TGAMEL62 Recipe? Would you like to share?:sunglasses:

(Steve) #5

Not that it doesn’t deserve another thread, but…


…and a couple of us have created our own spins on Lou’s Crustless pie - you can find some discussion over in the recipes section.

(Brian) #6

LOVE some deep dish pizza. Good stuff!! Kinda rare in some places and hard to find. But a person could probably put together their own fairly low carb pie. I’ve tried a couple of times and it was good, but I need more practice.

I suspect we’ll end up at Lou Malnati’s at least once, probably 2 or 3 times, when we visit our son in Phoenix, AZ this winter. And I intend to enjoy some serious pizza!!


(Marta Loftfield) #7

Thank you @fischersd

(Todd Gamel) #8

Here is my recipe…

Crustless Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza

Crust-less Pizza (Total 8 slices)
Calories – 2437, protein 138 grams, fat 198 grams, carbohydrates 20.2 grams

Crust-less Pizza Per Slice
Calories – 305, protein 17.25 grams, fat 24.75 grams, carbohydrates 2.52 grams

(Marta Loftfield) #9

Thank you @TGAMEL62 looks great. Half way through a 7 day fast, but now I know what to make Wednesday!

(KetoMike) #10

Note you can buy these crustless Lou Malnati’s pizzas online and have them shipped anywhere in the U.S.!! I’m gonna do this sooner rather than later!



I just found out about Lou’s crustless pizza too; can’t wait to try it!