Loss of appetite


I am taking a pause for a couple of weeks to take a Kraft test. Meanwhile I really want to ask a question about the quite sharp drop of appetite I had in the last weeks in keto. I was doing ADF and the “feasting” day I could hardly cover the 50g of protein macro and could eat no more than approximately 800 calories.
Now, I can’t believe I’d have a problem like this, and as I
have a lot of body fat maybe I have nothing to worry about. I still need to inquire if my metabolism is alright with eating so little. I didn’t force myself to eat but didn’t get hungry either. But 800 calories is hardly a feast. It got to the point that all I ate was the proteins, plus the normal fat required for cooking, there wasn’t even enough hunger for a salad.
I can’t even say it was the ADF fault, as the tendency manifested way before that.

(John) #2

How new to keto? Lots of people aren’t hungry the 2nd or 3rd week.


Yeah it started the third week and continued for 3 more weeks until I decided to take the pause ( for other reasons).


I was already adapted when I started btw because I was coming from a 10 days fast.

(Ron) #5

Being in Ketosis does not mean you are adapted. And if you were doing a 10 day fast, you were not giving your body dietary fats for it to use for transitioning into adaption.There is a very good possibility that the 6 weeks you tried Keto was not enough time for the body to learn how to utilize ketone bodies.


Sorry but what you say makes no sense to me, from a logic standpoint. Why would my body lose appetite other than because it is accessing the body fat? That it was, I have no reason to doubt. It is exactly what happens during a fast, and I was losing 1.5-2 kg a week (I have a lot to lose so these numbers are normal I think). And I felt good and energetic.
The question is, can one consider 800 cal every other day safe? Will my metabolism plunge or not considering it’s eating the body fat? Is it just a phase?

(Ron) #7

More research might help in understanding.


I am F adapted…