Losing weight on keto

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I’ve been keto for 1 month now and have only lost 6 pounds. I have gained about 3 pounds over that last 2weeks. So technically I’ve only lost 3pounds. I haven’t measured my inches again yet but I’m not feeling like my clothes are fitting loser at all. I haven’t been counting macros just keeping my carbs down to 20 per day. I have no idea how to figure the macros so I just keep trying to keep the carbs low is that why I’m not moving much in the direction I want? I do cardio at least 3x a week for 30 min or more. I do feel more energy but seem to not be losing. Ugh!


Glad to know you are feeling more energy!

When doing keto for the first time, there are a few common traps/mistakes. From your post, you mention that you track carbs (which is great!). I didn’t see a statement about tracking protein, though. There is a common mistake of eating too much protein, and not enough fat. A good target is 1 gram protein per kg lean body mass. Perhaps, this may be something that needs to be looked at?

Here’s a good compilation of advice for keto newbies. Maybe there is something else in here that may trigger more investigation:

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Thank you so I guess it looks like I should be adhering to 42g of protein a day as well. What are the best healthy fats to get through the day?


Here’s a good reference for fats:

The omega 3 is what you want to maximize, while minimizing omega 6. And saturated fats are great!!

I would stay away from vegetable and seed oils, like corn, canola, sunflower, etc. and definitely stay away from manufactured fats, like vegetable shortening and margarine.

I tend to use lots of natural animal fats, like lard, tallow, bacon grease, butter, ghee, cream, etc. I also like extra virgin olive oil. Coconut oil is another good fat to use.

Also, fatty foods, like avocados, olives, bacon, fatty meats, fish, full fat cheese, etc, are a good source.

Hope this helps!


What do you weigh?

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I have to lower my fat down just a bit to lose weight. Say go 66% on my macros instead of in the 70% on my macros.

I stay keto by IF and that’s where I find better loss. Then in maintenance, I can bring up my fat a little higher. I do 17:7 fasting each day when I’m losing and then I switch up to more of a 15:9 foweight maintenance.

Switching all my meals to the morning really help me with fat loss I start eating around 6 AM and I stopped eating at noon to two or 3 o’clock depending on if I’m losing weight or maintaining I just got done losing 8 to 10 pounds of unattended weight gain in long-term weight maintenance so I’m really happy right now

It’s just me. I have 40 years of experience trying to calorie count yo-yo diet and only five years of maintaining a 70 pound weight loss. Your mileage may differ based on your genetics and your reaction to different foods

The low-fatters or think I eat way too much fat. The high fatters think I don’t eat enough fat.

I quieted the noise did some self experimentation and figured it out on my own and now I can enjoy weight maintenance Good luck and don’t stop trying.

My insurance will charge me about $40 more a month for being overweight so I have a high incentive to really figure this out and to not yo-yo this time around.

You’ll find what works if you can escape the conflicting messages and string together something it’s optimal for you

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This is great thank you so much.

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This is great thank you!

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163.4 lbs

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163.4 lbs I’m not good at math so I could’ve calculated my protein wrong.

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How much do you think you want to weigh?

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Around 145-150

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So you really don’t have that much to lose. Typically the less you have to lose the slower the process. Keto is a way of life that improves you metabolically from the inside out. It is not a quick weight loss diet. Results will come in bits and spurts.

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Yeah I already lost 45lbs on weight watchers. But my mom talked me into keto to lose the fat and inches. Hopefully I’m on the right track. I’m just now learning to listen to my body.

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Good for you - I lost 58 lbs on WW years ago and just couldn’t break the 60 lb mark after attending meeting faithfully for close to 1.5 yrs. I finally quit, because it became such a “head game” for me and I was so obsessed with food - what I could eat, what I couldn’t eat, what I was having for meals, what I’d have for snacks, planning, planning planning. The head games I speak of were the members “tips” on how you can mix “sugar free” & “fat free,” processed foods together to make delicious deserts that tasted sweet & yummy like the things the put me in the position I was in when I started. It was expensive, time consuming and of course - we had to buy the Low Fat WW brand items that were on display at the meetings - granola bars & more. For all the “diet” foods I ate - I should have been the slimmest person on earth!
I finally had enough. I was DONE with spending money and time on dieting. Docs have been saying eat less/move more for years, eat low fat, healthy grains…etc…yadayada. I thought it was my FAULT & I was destined to be fat - yet I was always fighting cravings and was even eating junk in hiding. If no one saw me eat it, then maybe they wouldn’t know!!! (LOL- only had to look at the 80 extra lbs I hauled around!) I saw the light years later when my sister pointed me to several keto videos, starting with Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s TedxTalk on curing T2 diabetes. One of the experts (I believe Dr. Fung? I’ve watched so many talks on Keto that I forget who) said that it is HORMONES that cause weight gain, NOT your lack of willpower. I cried - it really WASN’T my fault. YAY!
I have been keto for 1.5 years now, but it took about 3 months to STOP obsessing over food. What a relief! There are days that I just forget to eat, till well into the afternoon. My BP is now normal as is my A1C. I’ve lost 40 lbs pretty quickly, then stalled for a while, because I became lax and had a case of “carb creep” thinking of several foods as “keto” so didn’t realize the small amount of carbs they contained wouldn’t add up. They did. (I didn’t count carbs - just ate what I thought was really low carb) I’ve finally broken the stall after tracking carbs diligently and will continue to do that for a while. I’m about half way to my goal - but am so much healthier than before. (sorry for the long story - your WW mention brought back so many memories & emotions!) I really think you will do much better and be much happier eating “real” food and fats. Good luck to you - keep us posted. Be patient!

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I drop weight in waves… and I can 100% track it by my 28 day cycle.

Almost 5 month in and I have lost 32lbs, but I have also lost 4 pant sizes. I went to a meeting about muscle gain vs fat loss in ketosis, it was completely me. I would go down a few pounds and then it seemed like nothing for weeks, then go down a few, then nothing for weeks. Then suddenly I realized all my pants were barely staying on.

In this meeting they talked about how both in the beginning and when you have little to lose, these cycles of lose a little , then nothing or gain a little are normal. Often your muscle is increasing and adding weight back on, but it is positive weight.

Be patient, and track your weight and your cycles, in 2-3 months time you will really start to be able to understand your personal pattern of losing.

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Thank you I think this may be the case. I’ll continue tracking and see if I can find a pattern.

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Now that I know my pattern it takes a lot of frustration out of the #'s on the scale. Keep calm and keto on is so true… sit back, mind your macros, and enjoy the ride.

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I am glad you asked your question. I have yo-yo dieted for years. I am a carboholic bad. I also binge eat. I have decided that I’m too old to mess around because I’m going to end up being diabetic (it runs in my family as does hypertension). I started a ketogenic diet. Using a ketogenic app on my phone to help keep me on track but the weight isn’t “falling off” like it did years ago when I did Atkin’s. I don’t know if I’ve somehow ruined my metabolism with the diet cycling or I’m doing something wrong… I do know that since I’ve stopped consuming gluten that my stomach isn’t bloated and I have no reflux and am able to sleep in our bed and not on the couch!! That was becoming a nightly event.
I’m going to try not eating after a certain time as mentioned above… I also wonder if I need to add some strength training to help w/the muscle building.
I’ve lost almost 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

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Is the app free? What app was it maybe that’ll help me.