Losing too much weight?!

(Stephan ) #21

oh wow it actually looks more like a ripeye now that i look at it.

@Shinita Unfortunately here to yeah. Everyone is turning pseudo healthy with veganism etc. My country is not what it was 15 years ago in many ways :sweat_smile:

ground meat here is well i guess good enough but only the mixed one is good to eat. 50/50 pork/beef pure ground beef tastes like a shoe sole xD
Meat is also not descriped like overseas “50/50 or 70/30” its just “beef” or “mixed”

I guess salmon might be quite fatty here too but, i dunno what the prices are where you are from but i could go to a restaurant and order 2 big meals for the price of one Bio Salmon lol.


Oh. So your dietary guides aren’t unhappy with people eating lots of fat and meat despite their urges to change these ways? Ours are. They have totally abnormal expectations. Once the radio announced some results. A very tiny percentage of Hungarians eat a vegetarian Christmas dinner! Why would they…? I didn’t eat such a thing when I never bought or cooked meat and only ate some 3 times a year. It was Christmas and a family dinner… If ever, I ate meat there…
I was interested and looked up infos. Hungarians still eat lots of fat. Sadly, lots of carbs too so the average one overeats so we have plenty of overweight and obese people.

We do have some vegan/low-fat/no red meat pushing, I noticed it in the last several years. We just don’t want to change our ways, apparently. I am looking forward what future will bring.

I saw 70/30 once in my life, on “scrap meat”. Otherwise the cut is listed and that’s it. So I usually have little idea about the fattiness of my meat, my tracking is quite inaccurate but it’s fine.
I only know the fattiness of my processed items (or not when I select the meatiest by far pork belly piece). And I know it vaguely for eggs. But my fresh meat, that is somewhat of a mystery. I do my best to guess and that should be good enough for me.

Indeed, salmon is expensive - but not so extremely much. We buy a tiny piece for Christmas but we are poor and don’t need to eat even more fat than we already do… (And if you ask me, smoked mackerel is better and a small piece goes a long way so we buy that way more often :wink: )
Ribeye is even more expensive though.

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When stationed at Garlstedt back in 78, I had several German friends in Bremerhaven. They longed for a real American hamburger. But first they took me to have the German version. It was different but tasty. The meat was mostly pork I believe. Then I took them on post to our snack bar and got them the real deal. They were in awe at how good it was. They all ate several.


On the supermarket ground beef in germany I only see “less than 20% fat” because, you know, fat is bad. For fatty ground beef you also need to go to the butcher…


Meanwhile our dairy items have “at least N % fat” written on them… Well, fat is precious, fattier dairy typically costs significantly more… Thankfully meat doesn’t have that, there are expensive and cheaper cuts both in the low-fat and higher-fat variety.

I even have that text on my quark and it’s soooo low-fat. Okay, not as low-fat as the really low-fat version but that’s inedible… It’s half-fat, I think 7% fat so I use it as one of my lean proteins (it’s a struggle to keep my fat intake low enough regularly even now that I focus on leanish pork as much as I somewhat comfortably can).
Tricky though as I automatically mix it with sour cream or cream to bring the creaminess and fattiness to an enjoyable level… But I have recipes (and naturally a bit creamy quark) where I don’t need to do that.

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I was blind to the true value to whole fat for a long time. It wasn’t until I got tired of eating ‘skinny’ and getting 'fatter ’ that I started my research and my experiments and learned the truth. I now go for whole fat milk from the source, the milk with the heavy cream on the top. I get my meat from the farmers, and the animals are all free range fed. The more fat I consume the less fat I have on my body. Go figure.