Losing my The Croissant Diet weight

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Technically, this is a scale victory, I guess. I don’t use the scale at home, so the only time I know how much I weigh is when I go to the doctor’s office.

I went to the doctor’s office for a physical for cataract surgery. I’m down about 8 pounds since the last time I was there (in the spring?), and down over 10 since another doctor’s appointment in January.

All of this is weight I gained trying The Croissant Diet. I ballooned up 20-25+ pounds, in a very short time.

Anyway, I still have about 10 pounds or so to get under “obese”, which is where I was pre-The Croissant Diet. 13 pounds according to the doctor’s scale for my height, although that’s completely clothed with shoes.

I’m back to what worked before: some 24 hour plus fasts (not many though); some OMAD (two this week); high protein, low fat (aka “high P:E”, though since I eat few carbs, it’s more like high P:F). Almost always time-restricted eating, usually 10 am if I exercise 1+ hours beginning at 6 am, later if I don’t exercise. Eat dinner with the family, which is often quite late, as in 7pm +. Last two days near or after 8pm. And I go to bed before 10pm.

So, if I don’t use the scale, what do I use? My pants and belts and mirror, mainly. I was wearing 34/36 pants pre-the croissant diet, and ballooned out of those in no time. I could only wear some of my 36s and had to find/buy a few 38s. I’m back to wearing basically all of my 36s, but only a few 34s, only the stretchy ones.

Sadly, I gain weight (with carbs) really easily, but I lose weight quite slowly.


Have you thought about adding a high quality B complex?

I take this one for my heart issues and felt an improvement.

I don’t recommend the desert harvest multi vitamin because it contains Selenomethionine which has been shown in a study to cause heart issues.

(Bob M) #3

No, I haven’t, but could. I did try these:

To lower my homocysteine, which is high. But I couldn’t tell any physical difference, though I did not get a homocysteine test.

Way back in the past, I did take some B vitamins and felt better. So, I could retry these. Thanks for the info.


No problem.

I wouldn’t take the biogenesis myself because of the vitamin B6 and xanthan gum. Plus I don’t know if the vitamins are made synthetically from petroleum or sewer slud or naturally from fermentation or food.


Hi Bob, that’s great! I keep seeing you mention The Croissant Diet and am dying to know more - what, when, why, how etc….!! Have you discussed it already somewhere on these forums?

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Sorry, Camelia. I did not see this. Here is the original post on it:

You can find more posts there, too.

Well, I’m back into my “medium” 34s. There may be other 34s I can’t wear, as I haven’t gone through my closet yet. But I’m wearing 34s today that aren’t my “fat” 34s.