Looking for restaurants in Boston


(Mark Kenyon II) #1

Hey guys, I’m going to be going to a Microsoft conference in Boston in June. (Anybody else? :slight_smile: )
I’m looking for suggestions for staying keto on the road. Any good spots up there?

(Carl Keller) #2

Yelp.com is pretty useful. It has reviews, menus, addresses and pricing information:

(Mark Kenyon II) #3

Thanks. Also looking for any other Keto folks who might be up there.

(Door Girl) #4

b.good is a local burger chain. Good salads, great burgers. You should be able to get the burger on lettuce, or just straight on a plate which is my favorite. They have avocados as one of the toppings, and with their veggies locally sourced you should be able to find some good options. I have no idea the makeup of the dressings.

Where is the conference? Hynes Convention Center? Boston Convention Center? Seaport World Trade Center? A hotel?

(Door Girl) #5

I was curious so I looked for the conference. Looks like you will be in Cambridge for the conference. Kendall Square has gone upscale and I bet you can find some good options. They have lots of well-presented ethnic restaurants, which might be worth a try.

That whole area has changed drastically since it was my stomping ground, so I have no specific recommendations.