Looking for a simple infographic that shows how ketosis works

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A ketogenic diet is so counter-intuitive to most of us. It flies directly in the face of conventional wisdom based on the long-established food pyramid. Most people just can’t believe that adding fat to your diet can reduce the fat on your body.

I wish I had a simple infographic that visually describes in layman’s terms how ketosis works and how it benefits your health. I’m looking for something that produces an ah-ha moment, that moment when someone grasps the concept and says, “Now I get it!”

There appear to be quite a few infographics to choose from. What’s your favorite? Can you come up with something even better?

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Metabolism and nutrition is a pretty complex issue to reduce to an infographic. This is pretty basic.

**TheKetogenicDietInANutshell.pdf (1.1 MB)



On a more serious note, this site tries to explain with simple drawings

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Thanks Fiorella - I love it!

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Thank you @jfricke for bringing this guide to my attention. I haven’t seen it before, and it looks really useful. Thank you to @carl and @richard for writing it!

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If you are on Facebook, go to Dr. Ted Naiman’s page Burn Fat Not Sugar and check under photos. He makes fabulous info graphics.


I like the keto food pyramids if you’re looking for something that people can easily recognize. Some of them sneak in a few too many fruits that I wouldn’t eat, but overall it answers the “what do I eat now?” question.

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Two favorites:

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Thanks Carol! Looks like a great resource.

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Maybe this?

Or this?

Or this will help?