Looking for a good Blender/food processor

(Belinda Conklin) #1

Our blender recently passed away:frowning_face: and we also recently found out we are expecting a little one next year :smiley:
I was looking into getting a food processor anyway, but now that the blender is dead I’m thinking of a combo machine. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced unit, or give me any pointers on what we should be looking for? Thanks y’all.

(Windmill Tilter) #2

I’m a big fan of Vitamix. They are built like a tank and have the motor to match. They’re pricey, but they’ll last a lifetime. I’m a total cheapskate, but when it comes to tools I use often, I do my homework and buy stuff that will last. It seems to work out cheaper in the long run. I think they’re reasonably priced, considering what you get. Definitely subjective.

That’s my two cents. I’ll be really curious to hear what blenders have worked well for other folks!

(Deb Peters) #3

I am also sold on Vitamix. The blades spin so fast, it can make hot soup in 7 minutes just from the blade friction (there is no heating element). I also had problems with coffee grinders, but I use the dry ingredients container on the Vitamix and no problem at all! My husband thought it was way over priced until he started using it and now tells everyone it is the brand to get – plus he uses it more than I do!

I was finally able to afford one a few years ago by taking advantage of QVC’s easy payment method where they charge your card one installment every month. I waited until they had a good deal and 5 or 6 easy payments so my monthly charge wasn’t so much. I have also seen them in Costco, and the basic blender goes for a lot less than if it also comes with a dry ingredients container or smoothie attachments (with bottles) etc, but if you want those extras, the bundles are a great deal compared to purchasing separately.


My 20 year old Vita mix does a terrific job.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #5

I second this. Ive had mine for like 8 years now and its still strong like bull! I do suggest getting the one with the 10 speeds, its way easier to finess something with the fine tuning.