Longo's Longevity Diet


Yeah Keys referred to people in the 50s so I figured this book too.

Look, farmers may have eaten more frugally than other demographics back then, but their diet was eventually more similar to the mediterranean diet or Longo’s longevity diet, although for sure not as frugal. In fact his reference is more towards Calabria, which is further south and much poorer.

If you really wanna find something close to a low carb area, then Tuscany is your place, they eat traditionally plenty of meat there and not as much pasta. They do.like their unsalted bread and the schiacciata. Like I said, that’s unavoidable when it.comes to Italian food. I guess one of the reasons is that we tend to eliminate all water content from food so things are packed with taste, and therefore.will need some carb to eat it with.

On another note, back to Longo, I wonder if anyone has tried doing his FMD.
Prolong, I saw, costs a whopping 225$ so I’d rather do it on my own, but I have questions.

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Me too! The closest I got was finding mention of eating one big green salad a day with tons of olive oil.

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I would prefer to be healthy no matter what my life span is personally. I would HATE being bedridden, blind and having to shot up insulin all day at any age.

I’ve done some research on my genes and I personal should be eating lots of eggs, meats, fish, and veggies & eggs to get my body to function properly. I will be cutting back some on the saturated fats, not eliminating them but cutting them back, but consuming even more fish oil sources. Oh and did I mention, I need lots of eggs??

I think Longo has some good ideas in terms of fasting if you have to have cancer drugs, that sort of thing. But as an ex-vegetarian I know my body doesn’t function at its best when I eat that way. Grains are like poison to my system and that is what I ate primarily when I was vegetarian.

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I had to stop reading about half way through because I got so tired of getting up to retrieve the book from the other side of the room . Lots of great books out there. This book may win an John P. A. Ioannidis award of some sort .

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Longo says saturated fat is unhealthy. What are his reasons? He says intermittent fasting can cause gall stones. Has anyone else seen evidence of this? He says water fasting requires close supervision and generally recommends against it, but why? Countless others have learned to do it on their own, and recommend it as one of the most healthy activities known to man. He says fasting and alternative methods cannot cure cancer, and that chemotherapy is required. He recommends against daily multivitamins, but says one every 3 days is fine. Dr Berg’s YouTube video “What is a fasting mimicking diet (FMD)?” is very critical of Longo, yet Dr Mercola and Dr Rhonda Patrick fawn over him. His diet lasts only 5 days per month, he says that it is ketogenic, but Berg’s video questions that. comments please.


@jeffm325 My personal take on Longo is that his recommendations are useless (though I’m interested in hearing his reasoning, which seems to be mostly around Blue Zone populations and their eating) but his research is fascinating. I learned a lot from his last interview with Dr Patrick. For instance that our organs actually shrink during fasting - which sounds scary until you find out that after fasting, they go back to their previous size, and seemingly with newer healthier cells; that there seems to be some interesting effects on stem cells from fasting; that fasting during chemo significantly reduces side effects and improves the efficacy of the treatment. There are a lot of gems in there about autophagy and things that I think are terrific for anyone interested in keto or should should hear.

His bias against water fasting might come from his difficulty getting anyone in oncology to agree to work with him until he came up with the FMD.

Basically if you can separate his research findings from his recommendations, you can probably get some good stuff from him.

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Product to sell? Prolon…
All his studies are based on mice who don’t get to eat much sat fat…
I’m afraid I put him in the same category as Dr Berg… listen with a very large pinch of salt on the side.


Which youtube health experts do you recommend?

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Dr Fung and his IDM program was my main source of inspiration when I started out.

Then I would watch some of the videos from the PHC Conferences in the UK

they are currently in the process of publishing the 2018 videos… I think the 2017 are already complete.

I was lucky enough to be at both.


Thank you. Why did you say that about Dr Berg? Admittedly, he sells products, but he also recommends alternatives.

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I have posted a number of times on the subject of Dr Berg… I’m afraid I just don’t like him. I have watched a few videos and he seems to be inconsistent in what he says but never seemed to explain why his views have changed. I think he’s just plain wrong about needing 8 cups of veg and find his demeanour very off putting. Sometimes you just get a “feeling” about people and I got that feeling about him. Many seem to think he’s great though… not me!

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I have the same feeling as well. Gives me the creeps. Seems to be selling a lot as well. haven’t listened to him enough to judge his technical aka science knowledge.


ok, thanks. About one week ago he published an excellent video entitled ‘Amazing benefits of prolonged fasting’. It’s 11 minutes long, but one can see his list of 8 benefits in the first couple seconds.

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Thanks but I’ll go to Dr Fung on fasting as he almost literally wrote the book… unfortunately with Jimmy Moore another one I can’t seem to get on with! See I’m quite free with my dislikes it’s not just Dr Berg…


Prolonged water fasting clinics were very popular during the 1930s, they cured cancer, etc. , but the allopaths demonized and suppressed them. Fasting as a cure-all has been around for thousands of years. I believe Dr Fung did not mention autophagy in his first fasting book.

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As Dr Fung says fasting has been around for millennia.
I think the Nobel prize for Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded after The Complete Guide to Fasting had been published or around the same time at least so maybe less awareness then?


Yes, Fung is doing a great job explaining the science of fasting. Going back to Longo and Mercola. If Longo says saturated fats are unhealthy and Mercola did not question him deeply on that important point, that puts into question Mercola’s authenticity. Mercola also avoided huge topics when he interviewed Dr Gregor.

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Possibly… as I don’t watch Mercola… don’t particularly like Longo and dislike Greger intensely then I can’t really say…


Some experts pose as health advocates, but actually represent Big Pharma and the ruling elite, and intentionally misinform folks with half truths. back tonight.