Long extended fast input request

(Sima Pierce) #1

Hi, I’ve been keto, on and off, for almost a year now. I can’t afford a keto meter so I just have to assume I’m in ketosis based on what I’m eating. I’ve done a lot of IF and some 3-7 day extended, but I’m starting into my first really long fast.
Here’s my plan. Water only with these exceptions. Black coffee and tea, keto-ade, multivitamin, and additional salt as needed. And spry gum. Meds are metformin and levothyroxin.
The plan I discussed with my doctor was for three months.
I’m wondering if taking probiotics would be a good idea. My hope is to minimize refeeding issues.
My refeeding plan is plain bone broth the first day, bone broth with butter the second, and bone broth with butter and cream the third. Then bone broth with hamburger the rest of the week just increasing the quantity. And continuing with the keto-ade through that week.
I did my labs the day before I started my fast and I’ll do them again the day before I stop, so I’ll be able to go over my refeeding plan with my doctor.

Any thoughts?

(Robert C) #2

If this is a personal goal (like climbing Everest or something) - please ignore…

If this is for weight loss - you might do better in terms of compliance by breaking this up.

One week on / one week off or two weeks on / two weeks off (keeping the refeed time the same as the fasting time) for 6 months. This gives you some flexibility if “life happens” or if you start feeling sick (which should always stop a fast) - take that week off and restart your pattern with a new end date an extra week or two out. In fact, you could continue this all the way to exactly your goal weight.

Three months solid - an all-or-nothing approach - will be real trouble restarting (mentally but probably physically too) once violated for whatever reason.

Breaking it up also gets rid of the big refeed problem - you will refeed plenty of times from smaller fasts and avoid refeeding syndrome issues completely.

(Utility Muffin Research Kitchen) #3

What’s your primary goal? 3 months is a really long time, and it might be harmful in the long run. Nature designed us to go without food for days, maybe weeks, but not months.

You’ve got to wonder if there aren’t safer options to achieve the same goal. You could go on a 3-2 fast (3 days fasting, 2 days feasting) indefinately without any health concerns. What’s the advantage of a super long fast? I would be especially concerned about minerals and reduced base metabolic rate. keto-ade contains just a fraction of the stuff we need. If you really want to go through with this I’d drink at least some bone broth daily to replenish minerals, vitamins and a bit of protein. If you skim off the fat you’ll get hardly any calories this way. And you also might want to add some omega-3 supplements, as fasting might release a lot of omega-6 from your fat cells.

(Sima Pierce) #4

You two are voicing the exact concerns I have been feeling the last few days which is why I came here for advice.
The idea of three months was to fast between a1c measurements, to see how low I could force it and to jump start reversing my type 2 diabetes.
There is also an element of personal accomplishment. But the more I read the more I question my plan. One thing I am concerned about is the weight loss. That might be a happy side effect of fasting, but it’s not the goal. I’m concerned I might lose to fast.
I like the idea of a week on /week off, but I don’t want my body to get used to a rhythm. Maybe 7/4, 6/5, 7/4, 6/5. No refeeding issues, stay very low carb keto/carnivore on feeding days, and maintain that pattern for the three months.

(Bob M) #5

You could try something even “easier” (I’ve not been able to do it), like 36x3 or 42x3, with breaks every once in a while. Maybe 3 weeks of fasting and one week of eating two meals a day?

(Sima Pierce) #6

So life went haywire a little over half way through my fast. I did modify my plan to 7 days fast 5 days food/ 5 days fast/ 4 days food, and repeat. The biggest problem with my original plan is I was loosing weight to fast, and it just didn’t feel right. I have a long goal for weight lose taking about two more years.

So with the apocalypse happening at the end of February, and breaking up with my boyfriend at the same time, the stress over took me and I was completely off Keto for the last month before my A1C and then another month after that. But the results were still astounding. I went from 7.4 to 6.2. I once had a doctor tell me I had had diabetes to long and would never see a number below 7. She actively discouraged me from trying Keto. Imagine what it would have been if I hadn’t spent the last month eating BnJ Chocolate Chip Cookie dough. I lost another 20lbs those first two months and put 15 back on in the third and forth month. I’m back on Keto and dropped that 15 back down almost immediately. So I feel the fasting was a success, even though I couldn’t do the 3 solid months. Now that I am back to Keto I feel great. I am going to start fasting again but only three days at a time. It’s an easy time line for me to maintain and allows me to work my fast around my life.
Those of you that responded, thank you for your advice. I hope you are all doing well.