Lo-Dough : Any Experience?


Hi, has anyone tried this? Any feedback please? Thanks Ali https://lodough.co/?fbclid=IwAR2wOAz12k2W2yfemE7yWd5yZUZ5n8sLL-hmP6mD_uj4g2rONQOkQAq7UuE

(bulkbiker) #2

Nope but isn’t it bloody expensive?
bread type stuff triggers all my old food addictions so now completely avoid it…
When there are so many much nicer things to eat why do people still hanker after bread…? Addiction?


Very surprised at your response!!! Normally this site is full of supportive and informative replies. I’ve always enjoyed this site. No, I’m NOT addicted to bread, dough or anything similar. As a T1D for 47 years and with a medical background I’m better informed than most. I’m seriously disappointed with your post. I asked for feedback from anyone who has tried this, nothing more.

(Allie) #4

The price has always put me off trying and the people I know who have tried it say it’s not worth the price.


Thanks Allie. It was recommended to me by a friend so I’ve ordered the £5 option just to try it. Don’t normally eat bread or pizza since starting the KOE but felt like a “treat”. Will update you once it arrives and I’ve tried it. Ali

(Allie) #6

Have you tried the fathead dough recipe? It’s extremely versatile and easy to make :blush:

(bulkbiker) #7

I’m quite annoyed and disappointed that you felt the need to take me to task for pointing out something in reference to myself and after sharing something very personal that you launched into an attack. I don’t really care about your “better informed” perspective, which sounds extraordinarily arrogant by the way. Maybe remove your plank before looking at my mote?