Live Longer Eating More Meat/Less Plants? - Dr. Schmidt


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Live Longer Eating More Meat/Less Plants? Published on Aug 14, 2018


  1. Red Meat (myoglobin) helps your blood carry more oxygen. Note: Rawness? Cooking Temp?
  1. Hong Kong has the longest living people in the world because they eat more (1 pound average a day) meat and fat! Note: More likely from marine based Sea Foods?


Not marine based seafood but rather red meat.

The average Hongkonger indulges in about 102.7kg of pork, beef, poultry and other meat every year, which is one of the highest per capita intakes in the world – higher than Europe and the United States, according to the authors, who analysed local and UN Food and Agriculture Organisation data.Source:

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…Omega 3 enhanced :wink:

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In one of the videos (I can not recall) the doctor was referring to recent research that concluded that marine based lipids can hurt the t junction of the intestines and increase gut permiability.

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Just add lots of sugar and that will happen!