Listening to podcast at 1.4x then listening to Richard and Carl live - LOL

(Turner McKay) #1

hahahahaha man oh man, I have to say it is so weird listening to Richard and Carl speak live, or listening to their podcast recordings on Youtube now.

I found the 2 Keto Dudes podcast about a month ago within my Pocketcasts app on my phone. The great thing about this app is that I can speed up any podcast, and eliminate any ‘air time’ (that is the blank sound bites inbetween conversation) so that I can listen to podcasts faster.

When I started listening to the podcast, I had the sound sped up to 1.4x which means I can bust through a lot of podcasts while sitting on the tractor putting the crop in. However, today at my office job I decided to listen to one of the podcasts on Youtube and I couldn’t even get through the first 2 minutes! It just sounded so slow! And Richard and Carl sound like they’re two completely different people!