List of words that actually don't mean a thing

(The baconfat chocolate guy) #1

If you see these words printed on food you’re buying, rest assured they mean absolutely nothing at all:

  • Paleo

  • Organic

  • Clean

  • Healthy

  • Natural

  • Sustainable Raised

  • Primal

Did I miss any?

(Jay Morris) #2

Gluten Free

(The baconfat chocolate guy) #3

GOOD ONE! I’ll also add “Non-GMO”

(Jay Morris) #4

Any mention of “Weight Watchers Points”

(Dustin Cade) #5

“Heart Smart” can’t forget that one…

(I like to post memes!) #6

Healthy Whole Grain!


Heart-check food certified
American Heart Association Certified
No added sugars

(The baconfat chocolate guy) #8

I knew this was bullshit even before I was keto. I saw it on tortilla chips! On what planet are tortilla chips healthy?

(Jacquie) #9

Is this an oxymoron? lol

(Jay Morris) #10

Kid Tested Mother Approved


Heart Healthy
Low in Fat/Fat Free


“Healthy” Daisy beat me

(Insert witty quote here) #13

Cage free

(Zach) #14

In the states, that means there is a small opening that the chickens “could go outside” with, but it is impossible due to the ventilation systems draft. FYI

(Angela Przybylski) #15

Free range (in some cases)


Uggghhhhh…the only air and light most of the factory farm chickens here (east coast, usa) get are if they are on the outside cages when they load the trucks up to take them to the processing plants. Disgusting. Freezing cold and speeding down our backroads. Sad,

(Human) #17


(Zach) #18

It is sad. Keeping your own chickens isn’t super hard if you have the space for them, and the eggs are awesome. I do a dozen meat birds a season and keep six layers going. It is more expensive, but pretty easy. I figure I pay $10 usd per chicken for meat, but I know where they come from, and they are happy til the end. Killing and butchering them does take some mental strength, but I feel it is worth it.

(Daniel Shapiro) #19

“Pasture Raised”, just another marketing scheme.

(Guardian of the bacon) #20

All natural flavoring