Lily's Baking Chips lowest price

(Boston_guy) #1

$5.66, best price I’ve seen


Especially when they are running one of their 20% off grocery sales. :grin:

(Boston_guy) #3

Damn! How often are the sales? What’s best way to find out?


Their “Set and Save” would give you an even larger discount. But I have two “tricks” I do with Vitacost:

  • Add items to your wish list
  • Add items to your cart

Then, wait. Eventually, they will send an email with a discount code that offers you $30 off a $100 order. And an order that size gets free shipping. If you have enough items in your wish list, $100 can be easy to get to. I just got an email offer like that 2 days ago. In April, it was an offer of 20% off.

Unfortunately, chocolate items don’t ship well in the summer… :frowning:

(Jane Reed) #5

Love, love, love Vitacost. Many brands and varieties of magnesium and other vitamins and supplements. Best price on erythritol. If you purchase Vitacost brands, the amount needed for free shipping is only abt. $50, which is very easy to reach.