Lets Talk About Grains and Klebsiella Pneumoniae

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Thanks for the article share Michael. I’ll connect the podcast below as another version and an n=1.

It is an important thing to know if one suffers from lower back pain.

Somewhere in this two part podcast Gabor talks about biomimicry between bacterial antigens and human joint collagen. Then the development of the immune-mediated lower back pain disease due to gut dysbiosis with Klebsiella.

Back in a previous job I x-rayed a lot of old pet dogs. Invariably we would find ankylosing spondylitis in these teenagers. They were all fed on grain based processed dry dog food. It’s one reason I have my Labrador pup on a low carb wholefoods diet. We’ll see what happens.

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You should lay out what you’re feeding your dog.

We keep thinking of getting a dog, as I’m sure my kids would love one. But we’d need a hypo-allergenic dog (wife is allergic), and it gets tougher to find one of those. And, it seems the pandemic has everyone thinking of getting dogs, as it’s hard to find puppies now.

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By the way, Gabor is another person I no longer follow, due to how he treated covid. I found him to be a know-it-all there. I don’t like know-it-alls. Mainly, because after 7 years (as of 1/1/21) low carb/keto, I can honestly say I have more questions than answers now than when I started. If your answer isn’t “it’s complex”, or “I’m not sure”, then you’re too full of yourself. I found Garbor like that.

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That’s pretty interesting. My dog has allergy problems and I can’t help but wonder if a raw food diet would help alleviate them. I’m not yet at a point I’m ready to tackle that project.

On a side note I’m friends with a search and rescue handler who was at the trade towers on 9/11 and told me none of the dogs got cancer. Even though they were directly inhaling all that dust which is causing so many people issues now while searching for people and then bodies. They theorize that the dogs simply don’t live long enough to develop it.


Daily 2MAD now she is 9 months old.

  • pasture fed chicken frame
  • pasture fed frozen chicken necks (as needed)
  • pasture fed air dry lamb liver training treats
  • pig’s ear cartilage

  • pasture fed beef mince
  • sardines in olive oil (1 tin per day)
  • full fat unsweetened Greek yoghurt
  • pasture fed chicken egg (1 per day)
  • left over keto whole food scraps (rarely)
  • she supplements herself with kangaroo poo probiotic

My friend’s working Golden Retriever (breed renowned for cancer and arthritis) was going to put his dog to sleep at 12 years old as she could hardly move and looked old. We took her off the industrial, processed dog food, and she lived 3 more active years and die in her sleep after an active day on the farm. That friend lives and work on a permaculture small farm, so he had all the rejuvenating nutrition resources at hand.

With my pup I started her on a non-industrial diet at 7 weeks old.

It may be animal cruelty? We’ll see what happens.


I have a friend who is a small animal medicine veterinary specialist (dogs and cats). My friends are over represented as veterinary and animal care associated professionals. She has a similar thought process about treating dog diabetes. That they don’t live long enough to worry about the cumulative age effect of years on twice daily insulin injections. She has her way and won’t look at low carb wholefoods pet nutrition. She prefers using petfood (Mars Corporation) manufactured prescription diets. I found a different way. The dogs I used to see lived long enough to get an opportunity to get cancer.