Lets share our cholesterol numbers


I think many of us wish that some of our family members or friend would be that open-minded…
It’s great, so many things don’t do this. Reading and taking steps, wonderful! I wish the best for your Mom! :slight_smile:

Sometimes I wonder about it, I know HCLF works for some people but it means insane amounts of carbs from my viewpoint… I understand why high carbs AND fat can be bad but still, HCLF seems something impossible and horrible to me. I am biased though as I would (need to) choose HCHF over any low-fat diet and my SO only can do HCHF and he is thriving on it (okay, he is still young, it will be a better argument, still N=1 of course, when 5-6 more decades pass. hey, even just 4).
So I suppose it’s quite individual but HCHF is often bad indeed as it easily leads to overeating, among other problems.

I actually have zero problem with this. It will get taken out later in the day or next day then, fine by me :wink: Surely some of the fat I eat gets stored on carnivore too as it’s so much. But it get taken out so all is well.


I think it’s more the damage carbohydrates can do over time in some individuals (not everyone) causing high blood sugar, high blood pressure, inflammation, and damage to one’s LDL, when those carbohydrates are combined with saturated fats. My SO also has a HC/HF WOE, and it’s not working all that well, as he’s overweight with most of the fat around his middle, though he seems healthy enough otherwise. In better shape than me actually (well that doesn’t take much). We do our brisk walks together, which is nice and keeps us motivated to exercise. But my SO is much too fond of carbs to give them up. I keep trying to tell him the combination fat and carbohydrate is not good, and he does know that, to an extent, but I think a lot of people, like my SO and my mum find the thought of giving up carbohydrates unwarranted, due to their emotional attachments to those carby foods. For me, this just isn’t an issue, and I feel very lucky as there really was no battle for me at all, just a thought, then a decision.


My SO is vain, so he is slim, I am the fat one. He seems to be a tad healthier than me and I am quite healthy :slight_smile: So it’s fine for us now and we will see what the future brings. He is unable to eat any other way but he is very health-conscious and his diet seems pretty good as far as I can tell. I don’t know the inner workings of his individual body but it works this far and he won’t torture himself, he eats in a way where he feels fine. Low-carb makes him overeat and unwell very quickly and no way he gives up fat. I can relate, I always ate high-fat and low-fat is my room 101. I obviously eat high-fat on my high(er)-carb days, no way I do low-fat (it’s possible with very low-carb for a single low-cal day but almost never happens. it’s impossible on higher-carb by my own will). So I can just trust his body knows what it wants too. As it cause huge immediate problems and quitting in one day if he steps off from HCHF. So it probably won’t ever happen.

My emotional attachment to carbs didn’t pose such a huge problem. I can love carby food without eating them (often and/or in significant amounts) :slight_smile: There are some items where stopping isn’t realistic, I simply don’t make such food often. I have way better keto foods so I don’t miss out, in the contrary, I replace it with something better. (I don’t see it this wonderfully all the time but usually.)


I just hope this will be transitional as my mom says currently she won’t give up all the carbs, meaning she’ll still enjoy her bread (which she bakes herself) and her homemade pizza. And her vegetables. But her carbohydrate intake is better than it was, in that she has made that conscious shift from shop bought bread and buns to baking it all herself, although of course, it’s still not great, as she also says she’s not yet ready to give up sugar. So the next thing I will look into is what actually happens when you combine saturated fats with carbohydrates and how that may impact the lipid profile, and the LDL, whether there occurs damage. Because that would change my mom’s outlook once again, if it turns out her carbohydrate and more importantly, sugar-intake could make her LDL number of 5.0 mmol/L into a problem after all, because of the potential amount of damaged LDL.


So … In attempting to look into what combining fat with carbohydrate do, I can see the explanation for what would occur (insulin spike, fat gets stored away with the glucose) but I can only see a recommendation so far about not combining those two in one meal, to instead combine fats with proteins which makes sense, but I’ve so far not seen it mentioned that one couldn’t have both fats and carbohydrates in one’s diet. Of course Dr. Paul Mason and Malcolm Kendrick both urges people to eat fewer carbohydrates, but I never heard either of them talk about what happens when both are consumed in one’s diet (not necessarily in one meal), although Dr. Mason talked about how glucose can damage the LDL. Does anyone have any links to share regarding combining fats with carbohydrates? As currently that is both my mom’s and my SO’s WOE so I’d like to do a bit of research into whether they could still live healthily on such a WOE.


Still better than table sugar… I often write that my body consider starches way more nice than sucrose, it tolerates a way bigger amount of it with less problem. It makes sense to me, actually. Of course, tons of starch still isn’t good (for many of us, at least).

Well minimizing it is still better than not…
I don’t even understand why is it that hard, one needn’t to give up sweets or even sugars in natural food if they handle it fine, just added sugar, is that such a big deal? It seems it is.

It’s good you do research but maybe be easy on your Mom with the info if you find something very negative, many of us need a gradual change… Added sugar is definitely not good though, I think everyone not totally ignorant knows that. But if needs a bit left for a while, so be it. It’s very important to take steps towards the right direction and in a way that doesn’t make her quit soon!

That’s actually pretty hard for most people eating both carbs and fat galore I think…

Thanks for your research, it’s comfortably for me just to come and read :smiley:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #67

Carbohydrate is fine, so long as you don’t eat enough to raise your insulin to fat-storing levels. And how much a given person can safely eat without raising insulin is very individual. Largely, it depends on how insulin-resistant the person is, because insulin-resistance means that the pancreas has to secrete extra insulin to deal with the same amount of glucose (carbohydrate). The Two Keto Dudes, who started this site, recommend a limit of 20 g a day, because that will work for almost everybody, but some people can eat more carbohydrate than that and still be in ketosis.

Any diet that lets you get into and stay in ketosis most of the time is a ketogenic diet, regardless of the amount of carbs. But 100-150 grams/day is probably the limit for everyone, even the very insulin-sensitive, if people want to stay mostly in ketosis.


Hi Paul, I understand the basis of ketosis, insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance. But my mom is in no way on anything like a ketogenic WOE, so her combination of fat and carbohydrate would be butter on her bread, bacon on her pizza. She probably puts a good bit of butter into her cakes too. So far, so as not to put her off, I thought to merely advice her not to combine fats and carbohydrates in one sitting, as I’ve read what happens in the body then. But what I’m attempting to find out is if she kept the two (fats and carbohydrates) separate, but still included both in her diet, could there be a risk of further damage to her heart, or would she be fine, if she kept her insulin in check by intermittently fasting (which she does). My mom is contemplating starting a Mediterranean WOE. Which I think would suit her far better than how she’s eating now (with a lot of grains, gluten).

I am currently looking on norwegian sites for articles about the damage sugar can do, as I think this is the most important step for my mom right now. To understand what glucose in excess can do to her heart health. I do realise carbs are sugar or assimilated that way by the body, so to convince my mom of cutting the added sugar out of her life is currently my main objective. I still can’t find any norwegian information about what happens in the body over time when combining a lot of carbohydrates and saturated fats in the same WOE, but there is plenty of information available about the damage excess glucose can do, so that’s a really good place to start, in fact the last article I read, covered how the sugar industry has been lying about the damage sugar can do to the heart, for years, and swept any study revealing this, under the carpet. This of course is no surprise to me, but apparently a surprise to many.