Let's see who is where in the UK!

(mags) #41

Carmarthen. I’m envious of other folk on here having meat ups. Maybe we Welshies could sort something out sometime :meat_on_bone:


Maybe others but not me. I make it a rule of not meeting ‘friends’ from online!!

(bulkbiker) #43

Really? I’ve met quite a few and liked nearly all of them… one online friend is now my husband of 10 years!

(mags) #44

I’ve never met anyone from online but thought a group of people meeting up to chew on a few bones would be safe enough


Wow, do you think Magsy wants to marry me???
Maybe I will turn up after all :grin:

(Allie) #46

I’ve met up with loads of amazing people who were initially online contacts only.


Looks like you have a lovely ‘contact’ in your avatar!! Is that a rotty?

(Allie) #48

Yes that’s my Chunk, he’s my baby :heart:

(mags) #49

Ha haaaa! I promise you not… I’ve done that and have no intention of repeating it. Value my independence far too much. On reflection I have met someone from online and they were lovely. I was a bit taken back by your response tbh


Don’t be, it’s no reflection on you. I didn’t mean to be nasty or anything.

(mags) #51

I’ve just read your post about your night out :joy:. You sound dangerous company… I’m easily lead :wine_glass: :beers: :tumbler_glass::champagne: :rofl:


They say fat and bones are the key

(KATH) #53

Comrie, Perthshire (Scotland :wink: )


15 weeks in, last weigh-in at week 12 53 lbs (just under 4 stone) down.

(Bulldog Fitness) #54

Bolton near Manchester over here

(mags) #55

Welcome both. I’m from South Wales and have been keto since February. Had lost about 50lbs until my disastrous 14lb bounce over the weekend. Temporary I hope :confused:


Lived 15 miles north of Carmarthen for over 20 years. Happy days. Miss it tremendously.

Now over on the East coast, in the Lincolnshire kind of area (I never give more detail than that, online, after an idiot-type once gave out a few stalker vibes when I mentioned my town).

And I have made and met IRL several really good friends online, but they get vetted for a long time first. :grinning: there are a few really weird types out there, so it pays to be cautious.

(mags) #57

Weird… Tell me about it. I use twitter :scream:
Lincolnshire is lovely but so flat… Makes me breathless to be able to see so far. I like my hills. But not walking up them :roll_eyes:


I miss the hills so much!

Every time I come back to Wales it makes me cry just to see the hills.

(mags) #59

Oh that’s so sad. Watch the sound of music for a quick fix :notes:

(Manda) #60

I’m in Northern Ireland :blush: