Less Meat is Green?

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Any good / bad studies for this?

BBC Report Anti Meat

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Peter Ballerstedt has all sorts of information on his YouTube channel. Look for his lecttures, because he discusses the contribution of ruminant animals to climate change.

The actual carbon emissions of ruminant agriculture are far less than the emissions of the rest of the agricultural sector. The transportation sector emits far more carbon than agriculture does. And the healthcare industry is another significant emitter of carbon.

One agronomist estimated that by using proper restorative grazing methods, our ruminant herd could be sequestering an enormous amount of carbon, which has been stripped from the soil by intensive mono-cropping. If used on the Great Plains of North America, such methods of restoring the soil would also restore soil permeability to the point where the flooding of topsoil into the Mississippi River could be completely halted. Already enough graziers are using adaptative multi-paddock grazing that they are beginning to make a real difference.

Proper grazing methods can also completely eliminate the need for synthetic fertiliser, and also greatly reduce the need for pesticides.

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This is simpy untrue. The BBC is rubbish. I used to listen to Radio 4 all the time. I stopped in 2010 because they are pushing a narrative. I now refuse to engage with the BBC at all.

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Once I saw this I had to post. Please don’t kill the messenger … Now, if the BBC is a messenger? that’s another subject.

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Absolute propaganda.

Farming destroys habitats. Destroys the soil. Kills wildlife.
Ranching is the most perfect form of recycling there is. The animal eats the grass which converts to manure which then becomes natural fertilizer which feeds the soil so that more grass can grow and it begins all over again.

There is a world wide concentrated effort to eradicate livestock farming and increase agricultural output because the ranchers are mostly individual, independent people just trying to make a living by raising livestock while the farms are largely owned by big agricultural corporations who are solely in the business to make big profits for their shareholders. Remember, these are the same people that created the food pyramid that was such a fabrication.

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Not shooting you, for sure. The BBC is the messenger and I refuse to engage with the message they put out.


I love the way Joel Salatin walks and talks.
This video is 14 years and counting. It holds true.
Enjoy some BBC antidote.

I like Dr. Frank. Because he has the actual science about cows and methane.

To understand carbon-based atmospheric warming gases we need to understand the biogenic acrbon cycle and that methane is a flow gas (destroyed as it is generated) rather than a stock pile gas like carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.

We need ruminant animals for planetary and people health, I think. :thinking: