(Marianne) #1

Bought a pair of leggings a couple of months ago and just wore my very first pair ever today. I can see why gazillions of women love them - so comfortable.

So thankful for keto.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2

Aren’t they the comfiest?! I didn’t wear them before I had lost weight, and now I wear them all the time! Congrats on your NSV :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #3

That’s a great NSV-- being comfortable in your leggings AND in your own skin!

(Marianne) #4

Thank you!

They are like jammies!



Yesssss! I found a vendor on Ebay who sells USA made, super high quality real cotton/spandex leggings with various inseam length options (which allows me to cover my ankles and be more cosy yay! I also got even longer inseams, in order to scrunch the fabric around my ankles, like built-in leg warmers lol) AND size options (going up to 7X - so you can size up or down depending on your preferred fit) in a wonderful variety of colors which are so fun to wear under either matching or contrasting tunics or dresses. They also have a bunch of tops and tunics/sweater dresses that are the same size range and color range.

My favorite color lately is Mustard… it’s a rich marigold/saffron gold, and way more luscious than how computer screen color chart shows it (as a rather tan/brownish beer mustard lol). I now have monochrome outfits in Mustard, Red, and Black - and lots of fun mixing and matching contrasting colors like green, navy, and tan too. :sunflower:

(Marianne) #6

Can you tell me the vendor.

I wish they would bring back stirrup pants. Love the scrunchy look, but also love a very straight option.


I also love the non-elastic hight waist types, called foldover or tummy control - so svelte feeling! Here you go Marianne: https://www.ebay.com/str/purapple/Leggings/_i.html

(Marianne) #8

Very nice - tons of colors and great price. Thanks for sending!


You’re very welcome! Here’s to simple pleasures.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #10

All I wear are leggings. I have like 3939393939 pairs of all varieties. Theyre so awesome because you can make them look fancy just by wearing a nicer top, or you can take the same pair of leggings and couple it with an off the shoulder tshirt and youve just turned it into comfy sitting around the house outfit.

I think very often about how I hope leggings never go out of style ever again. I guess Ill just have to be so “last season”. I’m ok with that.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #11

I’m ordering some. Such cool colors.


There was a time…from around 1999-2009?.. when leggings were hard to find, it was a terrible time. And, high quality cotton leggings could maybe only be found in expensive ballerina supply stores and only in black, white, and pale pink.

I have one pair Torrid’s floral print leggings which are super fun - but their inseams are for much shorter women so aren’t nearly as comfy for me. Since discovering a source for 32" and 34" inseam leggings, I feel finally properly fitted for life in the cooler months lolol. And they’re such a great base layer under all my maxi dresses and denim skirts/skorts.


Yaaaaay…! I’m tempted to order more colors w/ matching turtleneck tunics myself :blush:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #14

I love Torrid. They just had this fabulous sale of buy 1 pair of leggings, get the 2nd pair half off. $130 later, I walk out with a leggings bonanza, including these bad girls:


You’re all set to fulfill your destiny! :star_struck:

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