Learning to shop better

(Denise) #1

I went to Safeway yesterday which I usually shop our Grocery Outlet for meats, but found some great buys on less expensive meat-cuts. These were all good, as I had each of this type before, sometimes toss in frying pan with EVO or into my Crock-pot. I’ve only eatin red-meat, fish, or chicken lately, and that’s all I want for dinner, and I do eat until satiated like @PaulL taught :wink:

I saw a video on Carcinogens in plant-foods, and whether it’s true or not, I feel fine with them and just ran out of the spinach I eat with my omelette from breakfast, and didn’t buy more. I still eat a snack type lunch which has blueberries, walnuts, and Two Good Yogurt. I don’t want to give that up, so I guess I’m still a ketovore :rofl: but I love how I don’t have any hunger between meals like I did before keto and quite awhile into Keto.

Just a bit of an update on my foods. I feel pretty happy about really doing a thorough search of Safeways red-meats because such affordable prices, and well before sell-by-date. I freeze all my meats and take one out at a time, live alone. Was putting one out for tonight, a Round Tip steak which I know little about, but it was red meat and I could afford it :grin: Some of them get a bit chewy unless they are put in Crock but I like flipping them in the pan so I can get them med rare :wink:

(Joey) #2

One of the interesting things about meat pricing is that oftentimes the fattier cuts are cheaper. This is certainly the case with burger meat.

We buy the fattiest chopped chuck we can and season/freeze into patties for regular BBQ’ing out back. Why I would pay more for all that healthy fat to be taken away always makes be laugh at the checkout counter.


This might vary by location, but at the Safeway I go to, I often go to the butcher counter and ask for fattier cuts or cuts on the cheaper side. They are happy to help and I usually get even better deals than what I’d find among the packaged meats.

(Denise) #4

I really can’t pay too much more so it sure works good for me Joey :slight_smile: Also, thanks for the reminder on the fat. I’ve been listening a lot to Dr. Berry, take what I need and leave the rest, but he has some excellent guests on his podcasts, imo! Dr. Lustig I just love him, and Seyfried. Also listen to a guy on Down Under and really liked what he had to say as well, Dr. Anthony Chaffee. Not sure on the plant/vegie thing, but I lean toward listening to him definitely listening to him at least, then I’ll decide :thinking:

(Joey) #5

Am a big Seyfried fan.

His extensive and thorough treatise on cancer as a metabolic disease makes a powerful argument - well-made and thoroughly documented with decades of peer-reviewed institutional science. (EDIT: Look for the full version book, not the synopsis, if you are prepared for a deep dive.)

(Denise) #6

So good to know you are a fan as well, heard him for the first time just a couple days ago. It was so interesting at the thought of stopping sugar could starve a cancer cell, my words not his, if I was understanding that correctly. Also, I had the thought that his info about a keto diet being good, and carnivore as well, I would think many of us on these nutritious diets might never get cancer is awesome!

(Joey) #7

Never is a long time. But he clearly believes that carb-restriction (even much more seriously adhered to in the case of active cancer therapy) gives one much more of a fighting chance, with data, theory and practice to back up his beliefs.

(Denise) #8

I believe in that fighting chance, yes, “never” is a silly way of putting it :wink: I’ve seen 2 people in my life pass away and I believe if only they hadn’t done chemo/radiation what could have been :frowning:

(Joey) #9

Yes. The notion that chemo & radiation can actually make things worse in the long run continues to haunt me as I think of immediate family who perished in the most miserable way.


I slow roast tough cuts in the oven, wrapped in foil. If they are tough and lean, I wrap them in bacon before the foil. Nice and slow on low temps, for several hours. They come out lovely and tender and juicy every time.

(Denise) #11

I’m not real good at cooking in fact I’ve only really learned to cook better since I started keto two and a half years ago I’m getting better but would you mind telling me about how many hours and according to how much the meat weighs I guess and the temperature because low to me can mean one thing like 250 or 300 maybe and time I’d rather kind of rather cook it for a quicker time in the oven if I’m going to use the oven but it sounds absolutely wonderful like a wonderful idea thank you so much for it Denise sorry using my phone that’s why there’s no punctuation because I cannot text except by voice to text thanks again

(Bob M) #12

The other thing to consider is sous vide. If you can afford the initial cost and bags, this cooks meat perfectly. You’re not really “cooking”, though if you want a nice looking piece of meat, putting it under the broiler for a few minutes makes it look better.

For instance, I often take frozen beast, put it in the sous vide for a while (anywhere between 3-24 hours, depending on cut), broil or cut into slices and sear, and create an instant meal.


Plus is there, unlike most mainstream treatments is that even the medical establishment views Chemo as terrible and outdated, from what I’ve heard from people going through it the last decade they’re using WAY less of it dose wise than they used too and doing a lot of pairing with other meds to try to make the chemo damage less.

I’ve said for YEARS I was going to have a WHEN I get Cancer plan in place, I’ve failed at that miserably. Gotta get on that.

(Joey) #14

Agreed. It’s off topic, but I’d highly recommend reading Seyfried’s entire treatise. My “WHEN I GET IT” plan has since been properly conceived.

I’m now more anxious about the prospects of convincing loved ones if such a need were to arise on their account.

(Denise) #15

it’s ok if it rolls off topic, that’s what real conversations are like right :wink: Besides, I posted about Seyfried too, love that guy!!


My favourite is slow Roasted, tinfoil wrapped Brisket. It’s a cracking cheaper chunk of meat. I like to chill it overnight then slice it medium thin. Delicious.

(Denise) #17

Is that what it would say on the package Red? I am so dumb about different cuts of meat. I know about round steak, chuck roast are, how they cook up etc. That Round Tip I just seasoned a bit and pan fried was so tender I thought it must have been a more expensive cut, just marked down was all!

Tonight I am having Chuck Cross Rib. Don’t know a thing about this one, but I do like cooking them in a frying pan so I can watch them easier, not over-cook. I don’t like using the big oven for such a little thing so I have a Convectional Oven I love how it gets the job done, and easy to clean :slight_smile: I can broil in that as well.


Very low temp, 175 to 180. I actually don’t pay much attention beyond that - at that temp you can’t mess it up. It’s usually a couple of pounds or so of a tough, cheap cut. Beef or pork. I leave it in for 3 or 4 hours, sometimes longer, it’s adaptable. You really can’t overcook at that temp. The bacon wrapping adds a lot of flavor, too. If I have a big chunk, like 5 or 7 pounds or such, I leave it in all day. No hurry, no worry. Set and forget until you’re hungry. That’s the beauty of it - no timing, always juicy and always tender. I often do this with a big roast and slice the left overs the next day - some for hot meals, some as cold cut. Versatile. It’s my favorite way of cooking. Your oven is your friend when used in this way.

(Denise) #19

If my oven is my friend, I wish it would do a better job of cleaning itself, LOL!! But your recipe sounds wonderful and thanks so much! I sure wouldn’t have thought to only put the temp so low, so that is big news for me :wink: It makes sense since my crock is a very low temp as well, so yes, I’m sure my oven would work the same :wink:

Thanks again velvet!! Denise :smiley:


Same principle as the crock and the sous vide, yes. But it has the added benefit of roast flavor, it is way, way more flavorful than the other two methods. Hands down - a better flavor.