Lead & Cadmium in Dark Chocolate

(Greta) #1

If you missed it—Consumer Reports article reports heavy metals in chocolate. Some brands better than others:


Lead in lily’s chocolate

Interesting. Not like it matters much to me, I barely use cocoa powder since I try to stay close to carnivore (only if I focus on quitting coffee).
We only have Lindt here from the list.

I agree with the article about amounts. They matter a lot :wink:
(I don’t agree about apple and grape being necessarily healthy but it’s me. Who love both but amounts matter and all is well.)

My main reason to eat little chocolate is definitely not the heavy metals. Eating it galore would cause bigger and more immediate problems. But my chocolate consumption is negligible while it’s far from it for many people…


yea that was an interesting read. everything is out to get us isn’t it? we ain’t got a chance out there HA

(Ohio ) #4

Should have figured. Beans, rice, potatoes all soak up toxic metals like a sponge. I make my own chocolate so only cadmium is concerning. Looks like I’m upping my zinc as that’s supposed to help cadmium detox. Shift my caffeine fix to green tea. Good find! Thanks!

(Greta) #5

I’m concerned. I go through phases with cocoa powder - sometimes I use it daily in my greek yogurt. I like to have chocolate on special occasions too, and I don’t just eat one ounce when I have it. I guess i have to knock that back.

I have remnant numbness in my hands and feet from a peripheral neuropathy in 2019, and flares still come and go even though my A1c is in the upper 4s lower 5s. Doctors don’t agree on what caused the whole thing, but I am still dealing with it.

Anyway, lead is bad for nerve health.

I don’t make bone broth due to heavy metal concerns.

(David Cooke) #6

I wonder why chocolate was examined and not other foods such as rice, wheat etc?

(Ohio ) #7

It’s well documented that rice soaks up arsenic very efficiently from the soil.

(Maura hAGERTY) #8

Hate to be the bearer of bad news … but I think this is important. Consumer reports testing of lead and cadmium in chocolate. Sadly the darker the chocolate the heavier the heavy metals! And our beloved Lilys is one of the most toxic chocolate at
, 143% lead. 101% cadmium,

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(chris girten) #10

I had to do a little digging, but I think my Aldi brand Moser Roth 85% is ok.

(Joey) #11

I put a heaping tablespoon of 100% “organic” cacao powder in my morning dark roast black coffee.

Now I’ve got a new perspective… Since both cadmium and lead are preferred elements for making batteries, this likely explains why I have so much energy all morning.

First actual meal? Around 1-2pm. :wink: