Latest podcast just for you guys!


The latest podcast is out. Loads of great info AND kitchen gadgets. What more could you want?

(Laurie) #2

Just listened this morning and it was great! I am going to send links to those I think may be interested in starting keto.


We may have to award you an ambassador badge if you turn people keto so keep us posted!

(Laurie) #4

Would love that! Already have one friend who joined here and has been listening to podcasts. A few others are harder nuts to crack :grinning: but I’m trying.

(Michael Iafrato ) #5

Wait… I want in on this. I have been promoting Keto day and night now as people ask me what should they do if they don’t want to do surgery. I tell them Keto.

(Brian Miller) #6

The GF and Daughter came on board about a week ago to Keto so I’ve sent both of them directly to this episode of the Podcast. My daughter asked if she needed to go back and listen to them all before listening to the first and I told her that she can if she wants but at least listen to this 1st. It’s highly probable the future SIL might come onboard too.

(Michael Iafrato ) #7

I think @richard and @carl need to get together with a doctor and a nutritionist and write a “Keto for Dummies Book”


That would be AMAZEBALLS

You sign them up and come tell us and we will se what we can do.

(Michael Iafrato ) #9

We need to have a place on the registration that says how did you hear about the forums.


We could post a topic down the line. Most will be from FB for now. Good idea in a few months though.

(Jessica K) #11

Listened to this while cooking last night. Great intro to this WOE! Love hearing about the personal successes… and slightly jealous of the sous vides xD


2KetoDudes is the best keto podcast out there!


Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait to listen!


Fucking awesome mention of @Daisy!! LMAO! Don’t cross this woman!

(Insert witty quote here) #15

Is there a way to invite people through the forum? I have about the site and podcast. :grinning: My mom had started to wean herself off of carbs and is really interested in going keto. I want one of those Buffy badges, too!:wink:


IKR? I got very excited when they read that out!

Yes, but I believe you have to be Trust Level 3 to do it. Of course you can simply send them the link to the forum and they can sign up themselves.