Ladies, I need your help! keto&period



Hi All,

I’ve posted a similar question before, but things are getting a little bit crazy, I really need some help!

I am a 26 female, I started ketogenic diet a month ago, a week before my period was coming. AND I’ve been on my period for three weeks since then! No as heavy as normal period though, but I am bleeding everyday!

I am also on birth control pills (Aubra), before I started keto, everything was good, regular period, no pains, no cramps.

Just wondering if any of you shared same experience? Should I stop taking BC pills? Should reduce the amount of fat I’m taking? Should I stop being on keto? I’m just so upset… I know it takes time for my body to adjust, but being on non-stopping period is really annoying. Really hope that I can get some advice or comfort here.


No Menstrual Period on Keto
(Cece Blackstock) #2

Eek! That’s no fun… keto does an amazing job of healing and balancing your hormones… Aubra is hormonal BC (I think) so maybe your body’s getting some hormonal wires crossed? If it’s safe for you to do so, you could try stopping your BC (under docs supervision of course) and see how that affects you? Gosh I hope you get this sorted, what a bummer!

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Many women experience disruption to their cycles, especially starting up. Tapping in to your fat stores releases estrogen, so switching from glucose to fat for fuel can de-stabilise things for a while. Hope you’re over the initial hurdle soon :blush:


Yeah, I was thinking to stop my BC. I started to take BC a year ago to relieve my PMS, it worked quite well. If keto diet has the ability to balance hormones and regulate period, I would like to give a shot and get off on BC!


Thanks! @Camomilla That’s what I’ve heard. It’s just really annoying and I get really frustrated. Hope things will get better soon. Other than the irregular period, I’m quite happy being on Keto.

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I’ve never taken BC before and I often wonder if a lot of the weird stuff that happens with periods on keto happen because of the BC and not the keto. I used to get the most painful cramps ever before keto. Like if I didn’t take something I would get sick from the pain. Now, on keto, they are much more manageable. I still have to take a bit of medicine but I have to take less. And there are times when I don’t have to take any at all. Very surprising for me.

The timing has never changed for me. Like some people mention happening.

But if I cheat before my period…now that’s some real pain.


Hi @1a2dedb4275f99b8a134, it’s really good to know that keto is helping with pain :smile: . I decided to stop taking BC for a while to see what happens.

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Hi ladies, I just wanted to chime in and share! I’ve just over 2 months into keto, and my period has been wonky ever since, and I’m hoping it levels out soon, as I’ve heard will eventually happen. (and this has happened to me before when I’ve changed my diet drastically, so I don’t blame keto specifically) I take my BC continuously (no 1 week break, unless I feel like it) and that doesn’t seem to matter to my period. This month, it started the day it was supposed to, at the end of my pack (even though I was still taking my pill) and has continued for the last 12 days. Ughhh. SUPER light, at least. Fingers crossed that it’s coming to an end!


Hi @obeybacon, thank you for sharing your experience! I was wondering how long did it take for your period to get adjusted last time you changed your diet drastically?
I stopped taking BC couple days ago, my period has not showed any sign of stopping, it even become more severe after I stopped taking BC. I decided to wait for another couple days to see what happens.
I have my fingers crossed for you and for myself too!

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Hi there. This is the first time I’ve really stuck with something so long. I’m pretty sure I’ve always given up before my period has normalized again, and only would a month or two after stopped whatever “diet” I had tried out. With keto, I guess, will be the true test. I’ve got a week left in my pack of pills and then I’m supposed to either let my period happen, or start a new pack. I just went ahead and started a new pack last time and it’s started/hasn’t stopped yet.

I’m gonna take the planned week off of the pill and restart as scheduled after that. Hooooppppefully after that the next month will go smoothly (ie: no spotting) They say things should get back to normal in a few months. I swear I’m on my 3rd period since I started, and it’s only been just over 2 months. I wish I’d tracked it, but I haven’t had to since (re)starting the pill, cause I knew when it would start; when I ended a pack!

Since it sounds like you were on it primarily for hormone control, and since you’ve already stopped the pill, I would say ride it out. You said it’s been 3 weeks, so your regular period should be on its way. Hopefully after THAT is done, things will calm down for you. Then you can just let keto do its thing and see if it does give you the relief you were seeking with the BC.

And yes, as someone mentioned, I’m pretty sure it’s the combination of the pill and keto that’s causing my problems.


I’ve read all over that estrogen is stored in fat cells and released during weight loss, and that is the cause of disrupted periods. Unfortunately, I have not come across a single scientific reference to back this up. It’s just repeated so often that it’s accepted as fact.

And maybe that does happen. But all the studies I’ve looked at show that estrogen DECREASES both during and after weight loss.

My first period after starting low-carbing at the beginning of February was absolutely brutal. I didn’t associate it with my diet at the time. But it was so bad that I asked my doctor for a high dose of progesterone (300mg Prometrium) to get it under control and give me a chance to recover from mild anemia.

The progesterone worked as planned, and I didn’t have a period for two months. But then, while still on progesterone (continuously, not cyclically), I had a period, and it was just as bad as the previous one. My doctor couldn’t believe I would have a period while taking that much progesterone. Next month, same story. Then two weeks later, I had a bonus period (something that I had never experienced before).

People keep saying, “You’ll get back to normal after a few months.” But after more than five months, I’m still waiting.

I’ve low-carbed many times, but I don’t recall this happening before, so I don’t know what is different this time, except that this is the first time I’ve introduced intermittent fasting.

Unfortunately, women are usually given short shrift in scientific research, so this is quite likely a problem that does not currently have a real answer (only speculation and anecdotes). Even when experts talk about it, they are only expressing a moderately (at best) informed opinion. There just hasn’t been a study on it (that I’m aware of), so all we get are “truthy” explanations.

It’s my general impression that most women do not have this issue when low-carbing (and may, in fact, actually have their periods normalized by it). But there are tons of threads here and in other low-carb forums about the topic, so it’s definitely not an isolated problem.

I’m ketoing (and fasting) on because the health benefits have been phenomenal, and since I have the support and participation of my husband this time, it really feels sustainable. On the whole, I’ve got to think this is good for me, but I do have to wonder about the physiology that causes heavy/prolonged/irregular periods for so many women.


I’ve been LCHF/keto for more than a year now. I was a healthy BMI when I started and I haven’t lost any weight so I don’t think oestrogen release from fat loss will have been a factor in my n=1. I don’t use hormonal BC.

For the first 4-5 months of this WOE, my period was all over the place, super long and then super short. It evened itself out eventually, and these days I’m PMS free to the point where I’d barely know my period was due if I didn’t track it. Cramps are more manageable as well.

Years ago I was put on a progesterone only pill to manage my PMS depression. That gave me a continuous period for weeks (very light - sounds similar to what you’re having) and my doc had to up my dose. I soon stopped it because it became clear that it was making my depression much worse. I wouldn’t touch hormonal BC with a barge pole after that.

Of course these things are highly personal but I hope it maybe helps you in your decision. If you do stop the BC, be prepared for your body to take a few months to heal and find a new balance.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

(Louise ) #13

@Donna explained this to me the other day which I’ve copied here:
Estrogens are stored in fat, as well as xenoestrogens. When you lose weight, they get released. The longer you’ve been obese, the more estrogen you release, sometimes. But, that’s why a lot of people with rapid weight loss have mood swings - the estrogen throws off the hormonal balance.

(Michelle) #14

My monthly was totally different for the first 4 months.
I’ve been ‘regular’ since I started back in elementary school (over 35 yrs. now), even after having both of my kids, once the postpartum was over. Always regular, always on time.

After starting keto, I went from 4-5 days to 7-10 days…and without tmi, I was much more um…fluid than I can ever rememeber being.:flushed:

My third months cycle, it came & went & then 5 days later, I had another cycle.
This has NEVER happened to me…ever!
I was like you…I was a bit freaked out but now I’m 5 months down & this months cycle is back to normal except for the duration. Even the amount is back down to a normal amount…thank goodness!:raised_hands:
I’ll take the extra days as a trade off for absolutely NO cramping or bloating any longer.

So all of this to repeat what others have already said, it will do wonky things to your cycle.
Try not to stress over it (I know, easier said that done), because stress won’t help.
I hope it straightens out for you soon because I know how scary it can be.:heart:


Hi Ladies,

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and supporting me! Really appreciated that!!! I am just so happy that I joined this keto family, I’ll keep doing keto!

So I stopped taking BC last Friday, my period went heavier since then, BUT it was very light last night and I think I’m not bleeding anymore… maybe I need to wait a little bit longer to see what’s happening. I’m really happy that my period seems to be gone after what I’ve been through last month.
I guess now I’m prepared for the following months!

Some of you were talking about weight loss and the hormonal balance, just wanna share what happened to me so far. I haven’t had any weight loss (maybe 1 or 2lbs but I don’t think that counts) since I started keto, I’m 5’7", 131lb, weight loss was not my initial goal, I had severe TMJ periodically in the past three years, I really wanted to achieve some NSVs, especially to reduce the inflammation in my body. It will be really interesting to know what is causing such dramatic fluctuation of my period! The estrogen released from digesting the fat I am taking?!

Again, thank you ladies so much!

(Ivy Eduarte) #16

Anyone here test? I get super low ketones during my period.

(Cece Blackstock) #17

Currently on day one of cycle, after a 22hr fast, and I have gorged myself on fats:

(Bronwyn Matthews Greig) #18

Hi, I have just learnt about this forum after googling about Keto and periods. I have had an IUD for the last 13 years and don’t have a period but since starting on fasting and Keto I am now on day7 of my period. I am seriously hoping it settles and returns to normal/not being there asap :upside_down_face:

(Faye ) #19

You can continue keto but I suggest to consult a doctor.

(River Goddess) #20

Ugh. I am on my 3rd cycle since going keto.
I’ve always cycled like clockwork; I’d get my period perfectly on schedule. It would be average flow and last 4-5 days.

Since starting keto, my cycle has been totally effed.

First month, I spotted mid cycle, got kinda crampy, then got a very early and heavy period.

Second month, lots of cramps and a crazy heavy flow. We’re talking like soaking through pants, spilling while sleeping, gushing every time I moved my body. I was soaking through “Super Absorbant” tampons in an hour or less. I felt like a teenager who didn’t know how to handle her body!! (I’m 34!!) It totally sucked.

This month, third month. Same mega-heavy flow for the first few days, but then it tapered off to a light flow. Good right? Um, sure - except that I’m on day 17 of this light flow! I’m so tired of having my period. I am feeling so ready for it to stop. I wish there was something I could do!

I have heard it all levels out with time… I sure hope that’s true. I’m loving keto so much in every other aspect. If anyone has advice or suggestions I’d love to hear it.

(34f, 10 weeks keto, 35lbs lost, copper IUD)