Lactic acid build up on keto?

(Jeremiah ) #1

Gods blessings to all my ketonian family. Just curious about lactic acid build of in muscles in keto and if it’s more or less likely to happen. If so how to lessen it. If not why perhaps… A guy told me that he thought that was the reason I was sore today but I think it was my lack of electrolytes. I’m usually right on point with them but shakes one dose at the end of my day plus been hitting the gym pretty hard lately. Any suggest are greatly appreciated!:pray:

(Carpe salata!) #2

I heard on Carl and Richard’s podcast that the same biochemistry that carries ketones into the cells also is tasked to carry lactate from muscle cells back into the blood to be excreted. So keto significantly reduces the lactic acid that causes sore muscles after exercise.

(Andy C) #3

It’s my understanding that lactic acid buildup isn’t the cause of muscle soreness that occurs more than an hour after exercise. Much like with ketones it’s safe to have low-ish levels of lactic acid in your system. It’s only high levels that cause problems.

(Sheri Knauer) #4

Ive been going to the gym and lifting for over 25 years. I can tell you, for me at least, I rarely get sore anymore, if at all, since going keto almost a year ago after lifting at the gym and Ive been able to lift heavier so its not like Ive been slacking. Its amazing. I used to get pretty sore sometimes the next day or 2 days after lifting but nothing now.

(Jerauld) #5

Wondering about this too. Just ran a half marathon. My first one while on the Keto diet. Had only been in ketosis for about a week before I ran it. The run was terrible, low energy through most of it. From what I’m reading that will get better. But the most surprising thing is my legs are not sore. My joints ache a little but my muscles don’t at all. Keep waiting for it to set in but it’s been over 24 hours and nothing. Normally I’m feeling the burn within a few hours after a 10+ mile run.

(Bonnie Finklea) #6

Pre keto, squatting to plant grass plugs for maybe an hour had me on pain for a week. Now eating 90% keto for 2 weeks. Squatted working on machinery for an hour, dreading the pain. Three days have passed and I never felt a bit of soreness . That alone has me loving the woe.


I have been noticing very little muscle fatigue after long(15 mi) bike rides and minimal muscle soreness afterward as well! And being 70 this is quite a surprise! :slight_smile: Have been following mostly keto diet now for about three months and as a type 2 diabetic have been able to stay off ALL meds and hoping to see reduction in HbA1C in upcoming blood work.

(Pete A) #8

I do all kinds of daily exercise (lift, yoga, hike) and am rarely sore.

(Joy) #9

Been doing Keto for a year and half. I workout, lift weights very strenuously 5 days a week sometimes more. I am never sore. It’s odd to me. My other workout partners will be dying the next day of this or that soreness… my muscles might be tired the next day but zero soreness pretty much ever.