Lacking amino acids according to Chronometer


HI everyone. So, I have a “kitchen sink” type of meatloaf recipe I want to try out. I do OMAD and keto and like using Chronometer because it helps me gauge my macros. What’s confusing is there’s 8 oz of grass fed beef, 2 eggs, and 2 oz cheddar cheese in the meatloaf, so why would I be deficient in any of the amino acids according to Chronometer? I also toss in flax, chia seed, hemp, coconut oil, olive oil, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach, etc but I know those are not sources of amino acids.

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What amino acids is it saying they are lacking?

Also, since I am a spreadsheet nerd. I just happen to have a spreadsheet comparing collagen powder and whey protein isolate amino acids. It’s not really applicable here, but it gives you an idea of what types of amino acids each amino acid is and may be helpful to someone.


Its likely the beef you chose in chronometer didn’t have the specific nutrients calculated and just had the macros added


That’s interesting. Thank you, Dee. :slight_smile: Yeah, I actually take about 20g of collagen a day, and I suppose that amount is not going to give me the amino acids I need. What’s weird is that beef and eggs are supposed to be complete sources of aminos – i.e. they contain all the essential ones. Yet, in Chronometer, when I select the beef and eggs lines of my meatloaf recipe to look at their respective nutrition – they contribute very little. Lots of protein, but lacking aminos. I do not get it. There’s bacon layed on top of the meatloaf and that contributes to the aminos.

EDIT: Thanks, Erevehc – I was wondering the same.

EDIT 2 – haha…yep! That is it exactly. I always use grass fed beef in my recipes and that was the culprit. I deleted that line and put in generic 80% ground beef and all aminos are covered. Thanks, everyone.

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Probably all those anti nutrients blocking absorption! :joy::joy::grin: But seriously I think your right. So I just ran those figures in Cronometer and there’s a few amino acids that have zero percent and everything else is above 200% RDA, some are over 300% with the exception of cystine which sits at a mere 149% of the RDA. All the other amino acids are not in the essential amino acids category and if you notice they all have a no target designation. So relax, you’re getting way more than enough amino acids! KCKO

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Great info here about amino acids!!

Worth a look For sure

It starts about the the 12 minute mark


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I use cronometer too and the foods listed don’t always have all the amino acids and lipids broken down. When I want to track Omega 3 (lipid) or l-argine and l-citrulline (amino acids) I have to look it up on another site and track it by hand or enter into cronometer.

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That said I don’t think you can find a food that has every amino acid in it. I think l-citrulline is mostly found in watermelon and squash. Could be wrong about that though…